1 अप्रैल 2017

Secret of Napoleon greatness

I recently read Napoleon: a life by Andrew Roberts. I find it interesting that in his letters Napoleon often talks about "having energy and activity" and says that "the like quality is necessary to successfully wage war". Any comments on how the analysis of Napoleon's personality influenced your own work?

I love Napoleon. What a fascinating man. Yes, he thought the secret to success and life is energy, and he felt like he had an overabundance of it. When I wrote my book on Warfare, Napoleon was to be the main character and inspiration. He is truly the Mozart of strategy. I gave myself a simple task—to figure out what made him click, why was he so superior? And in the end, I decided he was more organized than others. He amassed more information but kept it extremely well organized. He was a genius at structure, how to make the most of an army by dividing it up properly. He had a mind like a computer. He used note cards as well. Organization and creativity go hand in hand. When you know more than the opposing general and have a mind that categorize this information, you have a supreme advantage on the battlefield or in life.
( Robert Greene in interviews )

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