1 अप्रैल 2017

Recreate Yourself

Law 25 is “Recreate yourself” why is it a good idea to recreate yourself?

Robert Greene: A lot of the 48 laws of power have to do with appearances on the game of appearances. Unfortunately or fortunately I don’t know, it’s just a fact of human nature we tend to judge people on what we can see. We don’t really go and take the time to imagine what’s beneath the facade. So a lot of our judgements are based on the facade or mask that people present, it’s a kind of theatre going on.

If you’re not careful people will judge you based on these appearances and they will pigeon hole you that this is the person that you are. Your shy, your aggressive, your this type or that type and you lose the control of the dynamic, they become the ones that determine who you are. A powerful person never loses control of the dynamic they are in someway in control. Not completely, that’s impossible, but they have more control than other people. So the ability to control your image, to how people think about you is extremely powerful.

It can apply to you as an individual or your brand, and many other things. The fact that you’re letting time go by and that one image sets into people’s minds is very dangerous. You want to have the ability and power to recreate who you are, to say “I’m not exactly what you thought. I’m capable of a new style. I’m adapting to the times, I’m going to surprise you and you don’t have me figured out 100%. There are elements of my character that are going to surprise you” that’s very powerful.

I can give examples like artists such as Pablo Picasso who changed his style every 6 or 8 years. Looking back at it now it almost seems like he was insane but at the time, and still today, it is his very powerful recreation of his artistic powers that also revived him creatively. It made people think that they could never quite figure this man out, he was almost like a god like figure. He’s one step ahead of the game, that’s how you want to approach it.

It’s good to have a brand that is consistent that people know about and trust. But it’s also good to mix it up and adapt it, to polish it a bit and give it a new aspect. To not violate the reputation you’ve established but give it a new edge and veneer to show other aspects that people hadn’t suspected. I want you to be aware of the fact that things can get stale and it’s a very dangerous thing to lose control of that dynamic and you need to be in fact controlling it to some degree.
( Robert Greene in interviews)

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