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Law 37 "Create Compelling Spectacles"

Joey Bushnell: My final question was law 37 is to “Create compelling spectacles“. Any ideas of how we can apply this in a business situation?

Robert Greene: It really depends on the kind of business you are in. It kind of connects to the law “Court attention at all costs”. The kind of compelling spectacle that I’m really pin pointing in that particular law is the kind that has a large effect. Compelling spectacles are not to reach a niche market, it could be for reaching a niche marketing but on a grand scale. This is for grand marketing.

What you are trying to do is the following; the idea in the modern world is that people have all kinds of diverging interests, everybody is thinking about themselves. On a political level everyone has their own little narrow interests for their community or the group that they belong to or their political beliefs. This happens in marketing as well, everyone is balkanized into these very specialized niches.

It’s very hard to reach and unite people almost in a religious sense and get them in on emotional level so they all feel like they are part of a group. This is also connected to another chapter in the book about having a cult like affect on others. The game on creating a compelling spectacle is to by pass all of the niche stuff happening and balkanization and reach people in a deep core emotional level appealing to them through symbols that have a timeless basis.

People want to feel united, they want to have that religious sense they want to feel like at a rave 10,000 people at the rave are feeling the same emotions, a very primal need that’s not being fulfilled in the world today. Your job on this grand marketing compelling spectacle fashion is to create something that is going to unite them in that primal way. A lot of that has to do with what are the causes in the world that can do that?

If people are now so much believing in the environment, and it’s a good thing I’m not being cynical here, creating something where they feel like they are all involved in an event or buying something that’s really going to have an effect on that cause they believe in, that will have that unifying compelling spectacle effect. That’s really what I’m tying to get at on that level.

I was recently at Google a couple of weeks ago to give a talk. It was the first time I was at the campus of Google out in California. I’m kind of an admirer of them and their marketing and how they created this image there’s some negative things and particular in Europe people don’t have as high opinion as they do in the USA. But the whole idea of don’t be evil is kind of connected to this spectacle element of this larger idea about this company that’s not just a business its almost like a religion. A religion based on the free flowing of information without any barriers at all. They are very good at creating the kind of spectacles that feed into that image whether it’s cynical or not.

Joey Bushnell: One thing that came to my mind was, when you lived over here Robert did you ever see things like Red Nose Day or Children In Need? It’s like a big day where people donate, like Band Aid in the 80‘s. It was for a cause to raise money for people living in poverty in Africa but there was a spectacle to go with it, there was this great event that was happening and they raised a lot of money but they used a compelling spectacle to attract a lot of that awareness, would that be an example?

Robert Greene: Yes it would and it calls to mind and example that I used in “The art of seduction”, to me the best political example particularly for the United States was John F Kennedy. This was just after he was elected at a time when America was splintering like it’s become now to an extreme into all these different interests. He created what was called “The new frontier”. It was very powerful where he was talking about the space race as the new frontier and we’re all Americans together it’s like the pioneers of the 19th century. Every American can unite around the actual image of the first man landing on the moon planting and American flag.

He didn’t live to see that but he set it all in motion. It had a really powerful effect on the public, it said “Yes this is what it means to be an American, this is the spirit we used to have that we’ve lost”. Everybody really got excited about the space program to an extent where nobody feels that anymore in the states and the question comes up in politics “What does it mean to be an American in the year 2013?”. That’s the kind of power that a compelling spectacle can have. It makes everybody who wants to buy your product or vote for you feel like they are part of something larger like a cause.( Robert Greene in interviews)

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