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Law 34 is “Be royal in your own fashion, act like a king to be treated like one

Joey Bushnell: Law 34 is “Be royal in your own fashion, act like a king to be treated like one” How would you say that this applies in life and perhaps business as well?

Robert Greene: Well, I keep coming back to certain basic elements of human psychology, maybe it’s on my mind because it’s the new book, but it’s another fairly common sense idea which is how you think about yourself, your own attitude and your own relationship to who you are is projected onto the world. People sense it, smell it and read it off of your body language. They know that you’re an essentially timid person or they know that you’re a lion or an aggressive type. It’s not in your words, they feel the attitude that you have, it’s projected out in to the world in ways that you’re probably not completely aware of. Once again I’m trying to make you aware of this dynamic so that you could potentially control it and increase your options.

I narrate the story of a very iconic story, in case the listeners don’t know I use a lot of history to illustrate every idea and the icon for that chapter is Christopher Columbus. He is basically someone who comes from the most middle class background. I think he was the son of a baker totally uninteresting and nondescript. But from an early age he imagined that he was born as an aristocrat. Today we would call him bipolar and probably lock him up, but they didn’t go about things like that. But he really had himself convinced that he had aristocratic roots. I’m not sure whether it was a game he was playing or whether he really believed it. But when it came time for him to get the funding for his voyage to America it was an insanely ballsey maneuver. Here was a guy who very little experience, he had some captaining experience but why would he be the one to lead this very expensive and very adventurous voyage to try and find a passage to the east? He convinced an incredible number of people that he was royalty and he was born to accomplish this and it became a self fulfilling prophecy.

So the idea is, how you feel about yourself is going to be projected so why not feel that you were destined for something interesting and destined for something great?

In fact you are. I make the case in “Mastery” everybody is born unique, that your DNA and configuration of your brain will never occur again in the history of the universe. That uniqueness that you have is manifested in things that you are drawn to, certain activities such as sports or business. The more deeply you go into bringing that uniqueness to play, the more creative you are with it, the more power you will have. It’s the secret to every successful person. So you are destined for something but you’re not feeling it or believing it.

If you become aware of how your attitude is toward yourself, how you think about who you are and what you were meant to do is really going to affect how people perceive you. I think that translates to a product you have, to how much confidence you have in it, to your own level of self belief.

Yesterday I was doing this mass consulting where people could come in for half an hour and tell me about their business idea and I could give them criticism. I did it for about 20 people over a course of about 6 hours and I could tell those people who really had a high level of belief who really felt like this was something great. I knew they were going to succeed. Their idea might fail but they would get back on their feet and they’ll make it happen on the second round. I’m trying to make you aware of your level of self belief is intimately connected with what is going to end up happening to you in life.
Joey Bushnell: If we get this wrong and we seem weak do you think others will pounce on that and people may take advantage?

Robert Greene: Very much so, but from my experience yesterday where these were a lot of people who were all trying to get funding for their ideas and they ranged from fashion start ups to tech start ups and the game at that level is getting funding and going in to meetings. To me I was trying to say that an approach where you lay a vision of what you are going to create is the most important thing you are doing. It’s not about being charming or having a good smile or what you wear. It’s about the nuts and bolts of your idea. But if you believe in it you’re going to create a much stronger vision of what this is going to be like and your tone of voice will communicate so many things.

The thing that people do when they don’t believe in themselves that I’ve discovered in my years of experience is that they are vague. If your actual not believing that what you are going to do is successful you come into a meeting wishy washy, half explaining what’s going to happen, a lot of wishes are in there and you’re vague for a reason because you don’t really believe in it, you haven’t put enough thought into it.

The fact that you believe in it is read in the fact that you have thought it through deeply because you believe in it so much you are willing to put in that detailed work. You’re wiling to connect A to B to C to D. I can read that in people right away, I can distinguish in those meetings between the people who believe and those who don’t by the amount of detail they can give me about their ideas.

I don’t know if I can explain it any better but I’ve been going through this for years and I have a book by Paul Graham who is the creator of Y Combinator and he has a school in Silicon Valley that trains people for tech start ups and he takes a cut of their business if they are successful. His business now is worth over $5billion. Things like “Air bnb” have come out of his incubator school. He’s interviewed 10,000 people who want to get into the school he’s got the same set of criteria, he can tell right away those people who don’t truly believe in it by their vagueness.

The key to success in any kind of start up is your level of persistence. It’s not so much your intellect. The Zuckerburg’s, Pages and Brins, that succeed have such a level of belief in what they are doing that they will put up with the kind of crap that most people won’t put up with, they are incredibly persistent and resilient. You can read that on people. I can read that right away when they come in for a meeting.
( Robert Greene in interviews)

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