1 अप्रैल 2017

In Meetings pick your words and be strategic.

50 Cent is famous for his charm and charisma, but also comes across as stoically silent and reserved. Which is more valuable: that a man knows how to win others with his ideas or that a man knows how to keep his mouth shut?

If you want to be a good strategist, you can never just go off a principle you read in a book. You need to adapt what you do to the situation; no rule of thumb is true all the time. In general, though, I'd say it's better to keep your mouth shut. There are more situations than not where speaking less is a good thing. It makes you look powerful, mysterious and when you do talk it appears more important.
However, being quiet at the wrong time can make you look shy or worse, suspicious. Still, more often than not, you're talking too much. When you're in a meeting, the things you say should be powerful and interesting. Pick your words and be strategic.

The Art of Seduction was a best-seller. Any tips for the aspiring master romancers out there?

Seduction doesn't need to be taken seriously. It's not a game, but each woman is almost like a puzzle. There's so much about her that makes her unique, and you're going to sit there to learn about them. You need to practice uncovering what makes her different. Most “seducers” have systems for seducing women, and don't see them as individuals at all. You want to have the habit of piercing the other person: seeing them inside and out, weakness, strengths, what they lack, and what nobody else is giving them. If you can learn to do that, and to stop seeing sex as the only goal, but to get pleasure from really seeing that woman for who she is, that will make you a good seducer.
( Robert Greene in interviews)

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