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Don't be afraid of people whom you think too powerful

Brett McKay: Very good. So, you mentioned earlier that finding the mentors an important part of gaining Mastery and you get some great examples of individuals who basically had to work their tails off in order to get the attention and time of a mentor any advice to folks out there who are looking to find a mentor, what they can do to successfully get that attention in that time because, typically from my experience, people who you seek out to be your mentor, their time and resource knowledge is valuable, so how do you, I guess, convince them or persuade them to spend that time and share their knowledge with you?

Robert Greene: Well, there is a lot of things to go over there. I mean I tell people that you don’t want to look for a mentor until you are little bit ready, its kind be a situation where both sides have something to give obviously the mentor has a lot to give, but you have something to give. It can’t be completely one sided and in other words you can be someone fresh out of a college with no skills, no background no real discipline nothing but your charm and your smile that’s not enough, the mentor has his or her self-interest and they are not going to simply take the time to work in that relationship if you have nothing to offer and so you want at least if you are aiming at somebody that you would like to be your mentor, you have maybe at least have couples of some experience under your belt, you have to be able to come to them and show that you have the track record that you are discipline, that you have a good work ethic that you have references, that you have some skills to offer them that could save them time, everybody wants have time save for them that’s the number one thing in this world today, if someone like I had a mentor apprentice Ryan Holiday who is now, as you know, has known to become a very successful writer, etcetera. Ryan approached me, he was a fan of my books and it became very clear, very early on that he had real skills, he fixed my Wikipedia page, I could see that he loved books and he could read and research and stuff and so I said yes sure, you’re going to save me time, you’re going to look better and it turned into a great relationship. So, you want to be able to show someone before you even attempt it that you have some skills that mesh with them and that’s going to be mutually beneficial, so that’s number one right off the bag. Number two, don’t be afraid of contacting people that you think are powerful, I could never mark I could never be apprentice you will be surprised, that’s not necessarily good example, but you’ll be surprised that people who are in position of power are actually interested in having an apprentice or disciple or whatever you want to call it, it’s a very satisfying relationship if it works out well, so don’t be afraid of pursuing these people if you have something to offer, but the other thing I tell people is don’t look for the biggest name out there, let’s say, let’s take for an example you want to be writer and you are looking for someone to apprentice under don’t go for the biggest name or somebody that’s a celebrity, go for the person that meshes you say five or ten years down the road that’s who I want it be, I want be like that person. They are doing something that appeals to me as an individual, I show in the book a woman, Yoky Matsuoka who is a robotics engineer, who finds herself suddenly at MIT a very weird conservative environment and there is one professor there who is a rebel Rodney Brooks, he is like the bad boy in the department and she has always been the bad girl, she is always been a rebel in entire territory that’s who she said he going to be my mentor, because he fits my spirit and I want to be like Rodney Brooks and so it ended up being a great relationship. So those are few important tips wait until you have something to offer don’t be afraid of people that you think are too powerful, you will be surprised and find a good fit it’s almost like your second parent, so they have to fit you physiologically and emotionally and they have to be someone that you really true admire and want to be like in five or ten years.( Robert Greene in interviews)

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