7 मार्च 2013

Imagine, was withdrawn from the market by its publisher after it became known that Lehrer had fabricated some of the quotations in that book.

Jonah Richard Lehrer(born June 25, 1981) is an American author and journalist who writes on the topics of psychologyneuroscience, and the relationship between science and the humanities. He has published three books, one of which, Imagine, was withdrawn from the market by its publisher after it became known that Lehrer had fabricated some of the quotations in that book. That led to his resignation from his staff position atThe New Yorker following disclosures that he had recycled earlier work of his own for the magazine; later investigation at Wired.com, where he had worked before that, found instances of recycled content and plagiarism. He was fired from that position as a result. In 2013, a second of his books,How We Decide, was also withdrawn from the market.

I like the content matter of the book Imagine and it is really unfortunate to hear that book is been withdrawn 

I find interesting   discussion related to this book which are below:
Creativity resists easy study; to measure creative potential in individuals, psychologists still rely on tests that are more than 40 years old and far from universally admired. Lehrer elides this history in favor of more recent research in two broad categories: neuroscience (what happens in the brain around moments of insight or invention) and context (what kinds of external conditions foster creative achievement).

The Nike slogan “Just Do It” materialized when Dan Wieden, a founder of the advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy, thought of the last words uttered by the murderer Gary Gilmore before his execution — “Let’s do it” — and gave them a tweak. That day a colleague had mentioned Norman Mailer, author of “The Executioner’s Song,” an acclaimed book about Gilmore, and that killer’s final words popped into Mr. Wieden’s head.
The idea for Post-it Notes came about when Arthur Fry, an engineer at 3M, was daydreaming in church, thinking how annoying it was that the bookmarks he’d placed in his hymnal so frequently fell out. He then remembered a 3M colleague’s talk about a new glue he’d developed: a paste so feeble that it could barely hold two pieces of paper together. That weak glue, Mr. Fry suddenly thought, might help him create the perfect bookmark, one that would stay put.

 The Barbie doll was reportedly born when Ruth Handler,a founder of Mattel, was on vacation in Switzerland and saw an unusual doll in the window of a cigarette shop: the doll was a pretty, well-endowed young woman with platinum blond hair. Because Handler didn't speak German, she didn't realize that the doll was a sex symbol sold mainly to men. Instead she saw a prototype for a new toy for girls: an alternative to the baby dolls then popular.
source -wikipedia and new york times review 

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