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(Part - 4 of Motivation - Ken Shah & Prof. Param J. Shah)
[TYPES OF MOTIVATION (Part - 2)Theories of Motivation (Part - 3)BEING A MOTIVATING MANAGER (Part - 4) ]
(1) Treat staff well :
Subordinates have to be treated with diligence. The manager has to stay friendly as well as maintain a level of distance with his staff. It’s a tricky ground to tread. The staff looks up on the manager as their leader. They expect maturity, rationality and understanding from their superiors. Simple things like calling people by their first name, chatting about their families for a while or even a general inquiry about their well-being, brings in a feeling of belongingness. Small gestures of this type help in building up of a cordial relationship.
(2) Think like a winner :
A manager has to handle two situations, “The Winning” and “The loosing”. The crux is to think like a winner even when all the odds seem against you. It is necessary to equip yourself with all the tools of a winner. Always remember that winning and loosing rotate in a cycle. If you have been loosing from a long time you are very near the winning edge.
(3) Recognize the differences :
All the employees in the organization vibrate to a different pace. A treatment that motivates one may demotivation the other. Understanding the difference in temperament in between the individuals is important.
4) Set realistic goals :
Set moderate goals. Setting too high a task creates a feeling of non-achievement, right from the beginning itself. The goals set should be such which seem feasible to the employees to be achieved. A slightly higher target than expected provides a challenge
5) Prevent Demotivation :
A job of the manager is to motivate people. His task requires him to punish and penalize people. This might create resentment in the mind of the staff members, which may affect the productivity of the workforce. Henceforth, care should be taken, that punishment and penalties are used as a controlling technique and that they do not demotivation.
(6) Job-financial enrichment and small job changes are handy :
To make job more effective and to break the monotonous routine, small task additions and minor changes are always welcome. Even small suggestions of the manager seem valuable to the employees. A few challenges in the same job can enrich it.
(7) Non-financial rewards :
Monetary rewards have always had a high motivational capacity. But non-monetary rewards are equally helpful. A thank you note, a letter of appreciation or even few words of praise can help smoothen the creases between the different levels of management.


  1. The enemy of the ‘best’ is the ‘good’
  2. Think Win – Win
  3. You have be very clever to do simple things
  4. There is always a better way
  5. The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything
  6. Allow yourself the permission to make mistakes
  7. The best are optimists having vision
  8. Never promise more than you can perform
  9. No pain no gain
  10. Get organized
  11. In action, be primitive; in foresight, a strategist
  12. All easy problems have already been solved
  13. Include the success of others in your dreams or your own success
  14. To be a winner, all you need to give is all you have
  15. Success means winning the war, not every battle
  16. Daring ideas are like chessman, moved forward, they may be beaten but they may start a winning a game
  17. A man is not paid for having a head and hands, but for using them
  18. Work half day but don’t care if it’s the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours source :http://www.laynetworks.com/BEING-MOTIVATING-MANAGER.html

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