11 जून 2011

How did great jyotish maharshi K N RAO get rid of his leg problem in 2003

How did great jyotish maharshi K N RAO get rid of his leg problem in 2003

jyotish maharshi shree k n rao

In 1963, while I was walking with Guruji, he told me that in old age I will have serious trouble with my legs. In 2000, thirty seven years later, I was nearly crippled and no doctor in Delhi or Lucknow gave me even one percent chance of recovery. They said that I would never be able to walk ever again in my life.
Smt.Bijoya Chakrabarty, the Water Resources minister (BJP leader from Assam) in the cabinetof Atal Bihar Vajpayee had got me examined by big doctors. I had given her a predictionabout her victory from Assam and becoming a minister. She came to meet me again in 2006 and when she saw me walking without even a walker, she stared at me with disbelief and describes it all now as the eighth wonder of the world ! No leading doctor had given me one percent change of recovery she keeps saying now. But she had not told me of the gloomy diagnosis of doctors then.
I was one of those fantastic cases of a patient who was given no medicine. I recoveredthrough prayers only. I do not quote such personal examples but here I have to since Iemphasise that one must do it, offer prayers, oneself. I did my Guru Mantra, VishnuSahastranama, Narayana Kavacham, lying on bed, violating all Vaishanava rules of shuchi orcleanliess. I recovered partly and can walk without a stick, climb stairs but cannot walk now for five miles at a stretch. It is my luck that I met such great mahatmas. They have never said that karma phala or results of karma can be liquidated so easily. One has to reconcile to fate cheerfully.

This is what an astrologer can see and prepare people to face life with its enigmas of bliss and pain, that duality of joy and torture which is what human life is.

If an astrologer claims that he can wipe it out, what he is doing is to talk against our own scriptures, the great preachings of mahatmas, and great examples like that of Rama Krishna Paramhamsa or Raman Maharshi.
In 1957, I had gone trekking to Rohtang Pass in a continuous walk of many hours, covering 36 miles at a stretch !
My students who have seen my condition in 2000 and see me now have started believing inVishnu Sahastranama and Narayana Kavacham and some of them do it now, having learnt the recitation of these with me.