9 जून 2011

never stop praying whatever the circumstance (Astrology and Faith: KN RAO )

The astrologer is not a doctor. He should keep himself within the limits of his own vidya (knowledge) and not pose as a miracle worker.

What Maharishi Parashara has suggested is some stotra recitation, charity etc. In any scheme of faith cure, prayer to God is primary. It should be done according to the religion one belongs to. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains etc. have done it sincerely, with deep faith, and have stories of fully successful or half successful cures to report. These claims should be closely examined astrologically by an astrologer, and medically by a doctor. It is a double explanation of such phenomena that will restore faith and keep intact a belief in a good system of medicine and prayer - BOTH.

The astrologer is aware of Prarabdha (destined karma) in human life and knows that in some cases nothing can be done. Doctors generally keep treating a patient even when they know that it is a case without any hope because they have to, because they are paid for it or because they are greedy. Astrologers also prescribe very costly remedies and keep exploiting their clients. But then it will not solve your problem. What is the answer? Surrender to the lord in whatever form you worship him. Believe in prayer to God and surrender to Him. Does it solve the problem? The answer is mostly yes, if you pray honestly and lead an honest life. There are cases when nothing worked, there are cases when it worked partly, and there are cases where it worked like a miracle. It is better to try the well known spiritual method, remedy of honest prayer and increase your tapobalam (spiritual strength).

The Suggested Steps are:

1. If the patient can pray himself it is best as I did in 2000 when doctors in Delhi and Lucknow said that I would never be able to walk again. I took no medicines. I did my japam, Vishnu Sahasranam, Narayana Kavacham, and did some exercises. In two years I was able to walk without a walker, climb stairs both in my own house and the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

2. If the patient is unable to pray himself as happens in some cases, someone in the family who loves him and who is interested in his getting cured, sincerely, should do it.

3. There are cases when the entire family prays and what happens after that is described as a miracle by all.

4. In some cases where a kamakandi pandit is asked to do it. Make sure that the pandit knows karmakanda properly and is pure, spiritually disciplined and not greedy. These days, it is like asking for the impossible.

5. There are cases where Mahatmas have showered their grace on a patient and cured him or her. These are rare but very amazing.

In short, what is being suggested through these case studies (in the book, Astrology and Faith), is - never stop praying whatever the circumstance.