16 अप्रैल 2011

the great idea of kamal sharma

कमल शर्मा 
 April 2011

Just another day I went to meet new friend of mine, mr  kamal sharma ji . He is general secretary of samverti devsthanam spiritual trust .  He  is just 35  young ,widely experience fellow, disciple of baba avadhut samuhratna ji of kunkuri . He is very attractive in looks as wall as in his talks. He has wide perspective as he read and practice various spiritual lineage including the one in which he is right now the great aghori parampara of bhagwan ram of benaras.

I consider him the most spiritual young person ( ofcourse after me ) .

He said that people asked him how he does all that material job which  are considered miracle by people .

”are yaar aap sadguru ke charnon par ho ,uski dhoti pakadkar maang lo sab ho jayega, ye hi raaj hai “ he said.

Oh…….. such a simple method. Loving and prayerful attitude has made his job done. Miracle has happened with him. I got the idea sir ji .

So the great idea of our beloved kamal sharma ji worked for him.

There at his place I met mr nagendra dubey  ji of topper’ educational society.

Nagendrs dubey  is again revolutionary and did a lot of new things for raipur in terms of social change.

On the way of talking he praise his wife and he come to inform me that his wife has made textbook for his primary school herself.

Got the idea sir ji

I thought to derive textbook of life for next generation to understand spirituality if they belongs to my taste.

Some of the books are following:-

Krishna smiriti, Bihani mandir diyana bar, jagat tariya bhor ki and shaj ashiki nahi by my beloved, beloved great dada guru bhagwan shree Rajneesh the osho

Autobiography of yogi by paramhansa yoganand

Living with Himalayan masters by swami rama

Aghora by Robert svovada

My diamond days with osho by pram shunyo

Yog nidra by paramhansa satyanand

Pranayam rahasya by swami ramdev

Just ten book for the beginning and it surely last upto the end.

But I did not came to end so it is one of the endless end .

mantra is to be done by grihastha .

गुरुदेव स्वामी चिन्मय योगी जी के साथ श्रीमती प्रीती साहू 
What is happening at osho nirav dhayan Kendra

Yes there has always been the flow at the dhyan Kendra.

Recently the chaitra navratra has observed for the year 2011. on this festive I asked gurudev that which sadhana we do at this time .He tell us to do the mantra of devi has to be recited and yagya of that mantra is to be done by grihastha .

Additionally he said that why only in navratra I do recite devi manta daily .

“Gurudev please tell me the mantra which you are doing daily”. I asked

Write down the mantra to be recited daily for grihasta

“Gurupujan mantra

Ganesh mantra 11 times

Benefic ghraha 1st 5th 9th lord tantrik beej manta

Rahu mantra ketu mantra

Vasudev,sai,lakxmi,narayan mantra with tulsi mala

Chamunda ma, durga ma, kuber ,narmada baba ,laghu mritunjay,hanuman,shiv, kaal bhairav and batuk bhairav mantra

All the above deity mantra to be recited daily for the overall well being of grihasta. Additionally mantra can be recited on the basis of adverse ghraha yog or the timeneeded purpose. Most of the time above 18 mantra are sufficient to give proctation and blessing to the grihastha bhakta. At the end of mantra jap personal prayer to be done to the deities to forgive all the sins of your family and you now and forever . Also do the prayer for the blessing and well being of yourself and each of your family and your dear ones.”

Well is it really works ?

I personally found that it works.

So it is up to you to try it. But whenever you try try it for minimum six month.You will get the answer.