7 सितंबर 2011

What is the aim of Sannyasa Peeth

Satsang by Swami Niranjan on 28th May 2011

Hari Om

Although people have come to know about Yoga, many people practices yoga. I feel understanding for Yoga is still very basic. We all think of Asana & Pranayama and other physical aspects of yoga as the main subject of yoga, forgetting that they are only stepping stones in Yogic awareness.

Even teachers and yoga propagators are focusing on yoga asanas and yoga pranayamas because body is something people identify with. But if you look into teaching of our parampara of Swami Sivananda and Swami Satyananda, they have said in human being there are 3 faculties; the faculty of head - which is intellect, the faculty of heart – the sentiments and emotions, the faculty of hands – the interaction and evolvement in the world, community, society and family. And yoga should become medium by which we can enhance these faculties, the three components of life head, heart and hand.

And I have told you in the past and I keep repeating that God Realization is not the aim, aspiration and purpose of Yoga.

The purpose is to awaken the qualities inherent in consciousness. And if we are able to awaken those inherent qualities that are latent within us then any type of realization can take place.

In yoga too if we are able to cultivate the positive, the creative and constructive qualities of life then God Realization is natural. When we cultivate the right quality of Mind and Consciousness, then you are aware of presence of divine nature all the time.

So, Aspiration of Yoga is definitely not God Realization but developing the capacity to become aware of our life and our interaction of our life with the visible universe, our society, our world and also the invisible dimension where energy manifest in million ponds…..

What is the aim of Sannyasa Peeth ! Is it to make everyone Sannyasin! No sannyasa is way of life, sannyasa is not wearing geru robe and shaving head, it’s a way of life. It is an understanding of life. It is cultivating new positive samaskaras in life.
And today in human society we lack spiritual samaskaras. Our life is full of material samaskaras. From childhood material samaskaras are push into the mind by the family, the society, the culture, the environment, by education so on so forth. And when material samaskaras come in our life, we become by nature very gross, we identify with our emotion, desires, expectation, greed and need so on so forth. So where is the balance in human life…..

A person can experience higher reality while living in material reality.

Scripture says – “Atma Deepo Bhava”, realize the luminosity within yourself, when Satwa becomes powerful; overcomes Rajas and Tamas. Realization of luminosity comes when Satwa becomes predominant in life and overpowers the influence of tamas and rajas. The satwa has to become powerful, has to intensify. Only with the power of satwa we can eradicate the limitation of rajas and tamas.
In life too one can make an attempet to become a Satwic person …How!

These are the five stages as defined by spiritual tradition –

1.            Sadhana – Practice, process in which we can put ourself to realize our different nature.
2.            Satsang – Discussion & communication, better understanding.
3.            Swadhyay – Self – study, input of new concept and ideas, realizing them.
4.            Seva - Connecting with other people, helping and uplifting other people, coming out of the personal shell.
5. Samarpan – dedicating oneself to understanding the process of life, realizing that we are the instrument which is been played by divine, we all guided by our destinies.

These five concepts helps everyone individual, these five systems helps every individual to transform their gross nature and to sublimate the gross experience to higher experience.

And this is the purpose of Sannyasa Peetha and it will be active from next year.

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