7 जून 2011

The Utility of Noting Guru Chandala Yoga

The Utility of Noting Guru Chandala Yoga

morden maharishi k n rao

People with Guru Chandala yoga in their horoscope show the following common psychological traits:

1. They are known for a lack of sense of gratitude which is a noticeable mark in their lives.
2. Timid and lacking in initiative they need the support of someone to climb up some ladders in their life, and after achieving some success, betray their mentors (represented by Jupiter).
3. If the 2nd house of ethical conduct is under malefic influence it can be easily concluded that they can lose their mental balance.
4. There is no one in the world that they admire. Emotionally warped, they rarely suffer a guilty conscience.
5. All these traits manifest most if the mahadasha of Rahu followed by that of Jupiter comes in their life in the prime of their youth.

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