10 जून 2011

 Spititual astrologial evalutation

ramana mahrishi

Connection of 5th and the 9th lords (by PAC - position, aspect, conjunction) is the upward sublimation of the Life Force. (Auspicious)
Connection of the 6th and 9th lords/houses shows ingratitude. (Inauspicious)

Benefic association of the 2nd house lord (the place of ethical conduct in Ashtanga Yoga) gives moral support. (Auspicious)

Malefic concentration in the 2nd house or with its lord gives birth to a liar and a cheat.(Inauspicious)

If the 5th lord has no aspect or conjunction of any planet it is good for meditation on the Supreme. (Auspicious)

Aspect of a malefic on a retrograde 5th lord gives birth to a villain. (Inauspicious)

A good Jupiter without any aspect or conjunction gives stable idealism. (Auspicious)

A badly aspected Jupiter converts concealed lack of idealism into hypocrisy. (Inauspicious)

Detachment giver Saturn is best when alone. (Auspicious)

"Saturn associated with or aspected by planets is bondage as in my case", Yogi Bhakaranandji (K.N. Rao's Jyotish guru) said once. (Inauspicious)

The 11th house which is the house of gains is also the house of bondage. It is good if the 11th lord is afflicted as it increases spiritual thirst. (Auspicious)

An auspicious 11th house or lord being a strong kama trikona is the illusion of or the Maya. (Inauspicious)

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