17 जून 2011

सदी के सर्वाधिक लम्बे चन्द्र ग्रहण के अवसर पर ध्यान केंद्र में हवन का आयोजन किया गया .

इस सदी के सर्वाधिक लम्बे चन्द्र ग्रहण १५ जून २०११ रात्रि एक बजे  के शुभ  साधना अवसर पर ध्यान केंद्र में हवन उत्सव का आयोजन किया गया .
अनिल और अमित 

स्वामी आनंद चैतन्य 

स्वामी आनंद चैतन्य और राजू 

सूरज दुबे "अंकल "



अनुराग बोस 


साधक गण

गुरुदेव स्वामी चिन्मय योगी (श्री रजत बोस )जी के साथ  अमित और पिंकू 
पूजन में बटुक महाराज ,शिव जी और चन्द्र के मन्त्रों से आहुति दी गयी .सबने साधना पर्व का लाभ लिया .

12 जून 2011

Know to please the planet

Know to please the planet

(One must please the grah if it is anukul and do the daan if it is pratikul in the LAGNA KUNDLI )

gurudev swami chinmaya yogi (shree rajat bose)

Worship ruling deity Lord Shiva
Recite Adityahrudayam daily or Gayatri mantra
Japa to be completed in 40 days
Recite the Surya stothra.
Donate wheat or sugar candy on Sundays
Fasting on Sunday
Rudrabhishekam to be performed
Wear Eka Mukhi or 12 Mukhi Rudraksha
Offer prayer with red flowers and red sandal etc., every day.

Worship ruling deity Goddess Gouri
Recite Annapurna stothra
Japa to Chandra to 11,000 times to be completed in 40 days
Recite Chandra stothra
Donate cow's milk or rice on Mondays
Observe fasting on Mondays
Pray sincerely Goddess Durga Devi
Wear two facet Rudraksha

Worship the ruling deities of Kartikeya and Lord Shiva
Recite the stothras of Kartikeya or Shiva
Japa to Kuja 11,000 times to be completed in 40 days
Donate Masoor dal on Tuesdays
Worship Kartikeya
Wear 3 Mukhi Rudraksha
Recite the mantra 11,000 times and offerings are red sandal and red flower.

Worship Lord Vishnu
Recite Vishnusahsranamam regularly
Japa to Buda 17,000 times in 40 days
Recite Budha stothra
Donate Ragi or Green Gram on Wednesday
Fasings on Wednesdays
Wear four mukhi Rudraksha
Mantra to be recited with various colors of flowers

Worship Lord Shiva
Recite Sri Rudram
Japa to Guru 19,000 time in 40 days
Recite guru stothra
Donate Safforan, Turmeric or sugar on Thursdays
Fasting on Thursdays
Wear five facets Rudraksha
Recite Moola mantra for 19,000 times along with pooja with Kesar, Sandal and yellow flowers

Worship Goddess Shakthi
Recite Shree Sooktam Devi Stuti
Japa to Sukra
Recite Sukra stothra
Donate clothes, milk or curd to a woman on Fridays
Wear 6 facets Rudraksha
Mantra should be recited 16,000 times and pooja must be done only with white flowers and white sandal

Worship Lord Hanuman
Recite Hanuman Chalisa
Japa to be performed to Sani
Recite Sani stothra regularly
Donate black oil on Saturday
Fasting on Saturdays
Wear 7 facets Rudraksha
Recite the Moola mantra for 19,000 times

Worship Lord Shiva
Recite Kalabhairavashtakam
Japa to be performed to Lord Rahu
Recite Rahu stothra
Observe fasting on Saturdays
Wear 8 facets Rudraksha
Moola mantra must be recited 18,000 times

Worship Lord Ganesh
Recite Ganesha Dwadasanama stothra and also Shiva Panchakshari
Perform japa to Ketu
Recite Ketu Moola mantra
Donate mustered seeds on Thursdays
Moola mantra should be recited for 17,000 times and the pooja should be performed with ash colored flower and sandal.

11 जून 2011

How did great jyotish maharshi K N RAO get rid of his leg problem in 2003

How did great jyotish maharshi K N RAO get rid of his leg problem in 2003

jyotish maharshi shree k n rao

In 1963, while I was walking with Guruji, he told me that in old age I will have serious trouble with my legs. In 2000, thirty seven years later, I was nearly crippled and no doctor in Delhi or Lucknow gave me even one percent chance of recovery. They said that I would never be able to walk ever again in my life.
Smt.Bijoya Chakrabarty, the Water Resources minister (BJP leader from Assam) in the cabinetof Atal Bihar Vajpayee had got me examined by big doctors. I had given her a predictionabout her victory from Assam and becoming a minister. She came to meet me again in 2006 and when she saw me walking without even a walker, she stared at me with disbelief and describes it all now as the eighth wonder of the world ! No leading doctor had given me one percent change of recovery she keeps saying now. But she had not told me of the gloomy diagnosis of doctors then.
I was one of those fantastic cases of a patient who was given no medicine. I recoveredthrough prayers only. I do not quote such personal examples but here I have to since Iemphasise that one must do it, offer prayers, oneself. I did my Guru Mantra, VishnuSahastranama, Narayana Kavacham, lying on bed, violating all Vaishanava rules of shuchi orcleanliess. I recovered partly and can walk without a stick, climb stairs but cannot walk now for five miles at a stretch. It is my luck that I met such great mahatmas. They have never said that karma phala or results of karma can be liquidated so easily. One has to reconcile to fate cheerfully.

This is what an astrologer can see and prepare people to face life with its enigmas of bliss and pain, that duality of joy and torture which is what human life is.

If an astrologer claims that he can wipe it out, what he is doing is to talk against our own scriptures, the great preachings of mahatmas, and great examples like that of Rama Krishna Paramhamsa or Raman Maharshi.
In 1957, I had gone trekking to Rohtang Pass in a continuous walk of many hours, covering 36 miles at a stretch !
My students who have seen my condition in 2000 and see me now have started believing inVishnu Sahastranama and Narayana Kavacham and some of them do it now, having learnt the recitation of these with me.

10 जून 2011

The Double Transit Phenomenona very useful and reliable chart interpretation method: involving the transits of Jupiter and Saturn

When learning Vedic astrology, as with any discipline, it's important to apply the principles you learn with many practical examples. This article presents a very useful and reliable chart interpretation method, involving the transits of Jupiter and Saturn, which you can immediately apply to any chart you're studying. By so doing, you will see its efficacy first hand.

Following the Transits of Jupiter and Saturn
Since Jupiter and Saturn are the slowest moving planets in Vedic astrology, their transits will tend to have the most significance for predictive purposes. Jupiter transits through a sign approximately once per year, while Saturn takes approximately 2 ½ years.
We generally think of Jupiter’s transits as positive and beneficial, causing expansion, growth, new opportunities and increasing the significations of any house that it transits or aspects. Likewise, we generally think of Saturn’s transits as negative and detrimental, causing limitation, obstacles, challenges and the denial of the significations of any house that it transits or aspects. However, while Saturn’s transit can give negative outcomes under certain circumstances, this is certainly not always the case.

 Jyotish guru, K.N. Rao, says in his book, Ups and Downs in Career, “When anything significant is happening to any man, Jupiter and Saturn in transit play a pivotal role.” How can this be true, if Saturn’s transits are not also, somehow, beneficial?

Jupiter can be said to give the inspiration behind an endeavor, while Saturn gives it its structure and form. Without Saturn’s influence nothing of lasting value could ever be actualized. Jupiter gives new, expansive ideas but not necessarily the ability to manifest them. Therefore, we need both for an idea to come into full manifestation. 

The best way that I've found to illustrate this principle is to think of a tree. Saturn is the roots and trunk of the tree, while Jupiter is it's leaves and branches. Jupiter aspires to the heavens with new growth while Saturn establishes a firm foundation. Both are obviously dependent on one another for any significant and sustained growth to happen.
The Double Transit Phenomenon
With this understanding, it becomes possible to see that when Jupiter and Saturn both aspect a sign by transit it becomes a significant event. That sign becomes strongly activated by both the expansive influence of Jupiter and the actualizing influence of Saturn. The otherwise potentially limiting and challenging qualities of Saturn’s transit become wise and more beneficial under Jupiter’s influence. While the potentially unrealistic and ungrounded qualities of Jupiter’s transit become more practical and focused under Saturn’s influence. Together they can indicate achievement, breakthroughs, and progress regarding the areas of life that are signified by the house(s) that they’re both aspecting by transit.
It’s very helpful to get into the habit of looking for which house(s) Saturn and Jupiter are both aspecting by transits at any given time. Oddly, many astrologers overlook this simple method and can miss valuable insights into where the individual needs to focus his or her energy during that time period.
·         It must be noted that while this can sound reliable and promising, in Vedic astrology the yogas (combinations of planets) and dashas (predictive systems) need to be considered. If we rely only on transits to produce results, even the double transit, we may be disappointed. If the progress and achievements that the double transit indicates don't have the support of the yogas and dashas they will not come to full fruition. It may, however, indicate an area of focus in a person's life. For this reason, it's helpful to follow the double transits even without knowledge of the yogas and dashas.
The Special Aspects of Jupiter and Saturn
How do we know where Jupiter and Saturn are aspecting by their transits? The aspects are very different in Vedic astrology than Western astrology. Every planet aspects both the house it’s located in and the 7th house from itself – 1st and 7th aspects. In addition, there are special aspects for Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Jupiter also aspects the 5th and 9th; Saturn also aspects the 3rd and 10th; and Mars also aspects the 4th and the 8th houses. So both Jupiter and Saturn will aspect a total of 4 houses including the one they’re placed in. The overlapping house(s) represents the double transit.
gurudev swami chinmaya yogi (shree rajat bose)with swami anand chaitnya
Applying the Double Transit
Besides considering the dashas and yogas as previously mentioned, it's also important to see the relative strengths of Jupiter and Saturn in your natal chart. This can be done by seeing their sign and house placement, their house rulership, as well as the planets that aspect them. This will modify the relative strength of their transits.
Also, look to see which house(s), if any, are also doubly aspected by Jupiter and Saturn in the natal chart. This house will gain prominence throughout their life. Also, when the double transit aspects to this house expect intensified results. Lastly, if you know the ashtakavarga point system examine how many points Jupiter and Saturn’s points are both in the natal chart and in their transiting sign. If they are higher than 5 points then their results will be more beneficial. If they are less than 2 points then their results will be less beneficial. All these factors will modify the relative strength of the double transit.
The following is a brief list of house indications so that you can begin to examine the double transit shifts in the charts you examine. You will find that major events often occur at the time of the double transit. For instance, childbirth, marriage, inheritance, career expansion, will occur when the double transit is in the 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th house etc. If this is not the case then it can often be traced to the fact that the yogas and dashas do not support the event.
1st house – Body, one’s identity, self-confidence, overall success.
2nd house – Earned income, acquisitions, food/diet, speech.
3rd house – Communication, advertising, hobbies, writing, siblings, short journeys, short-term goals.
4th house – Home/residence, real estate, mother, vehicles, general happiness.
5th house – Creativity, children, romance/dating, investments, education.
6th house – Health, disease, acute illness, daily work, litigation, debts.
7th house – Relationship, marriage, partnerships – business or romantic, foreign places.
8th house – Other’s money – loans, inheritance; litigation, chronic illness, sexuality, transformation, occult knowledge.
9th house – Long distance travel, spiritual teaching and teachers, good fortune, father.
10th house – Career, employer, work/action, outer achievements.
11th house – Monetary gains, side incomes, major long-term goals, groups, friends.
12th house – Distant places, introspection, debts and expenditures, isolation.

see kink http://lightonvedicastrology.com/articles-doubletransit.htm

 Spititual astrologial evalutation

ramana mahrishi

Connection of 5th and the 9th lords (by PAC - position, aspect, conjunction) is the upward sublimation of the Life Force. (Auspicious)
Connection of the 6th and 9th lords/houses shows ingratitude. (Inauspicious)

Benefic association of the 2nd house lord (the place of ethical conduct in Ashtanga Yoga) gives moral support. (Auspicious)

Malefic concentration in the 2nd house or with its lord gives birth to a liar and a cheat.(Inauspicious)

If the 5th lord has no aspect or conjunction of any planet it is good for meditation on the Supreme. (Auspicious)

Aspect of a malefic on a retrograde 5th lord gives birth to a villain. (Inauspicious)

A good Jupiter without any aspect or conjunction gives stable idealism. (Auspicious)

A badly aspected Jupiter converts concealed lack of idealism into hypocrisy. (Inauspicious)

Detachment giver Saturn is best when alone. (Auspicious)

"Saturn associated with or aspected by planets is bondage as in my case", Yogi Bhakaranandji (K.N. Rao's Jyotish guru) said once. (Inauspicious)

The 11th house which is the house of gains is also the house of bondage. It is good if the 11th lord is afflicted as it increases spiritual thirst. (Auspicious)

An auspicious 11th house or lord being a strong kama trikona is the illusion of or the Maya. (Inauspicious)

9 जून 2011

never stop praying whatever the circumstance (Astrology and Faith: KN RAO )

The astrologer is not a doctor. He should keep himself within the limits of his own vidya (knowledge) and not pose as a miracle worker.

What Maharishi Parashara has suggested is some stotra recitation, charity etc. In any scheme of faith cure, prayer to God is primary. It should be done according to the religion one belongs to. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains etc. have done it sincerely, with deep faith, and have stories of fully successful or half successful cures to report. These claims should be closely examined astrologically by an astrologer, and medically by a doctor. It is a double explanation of such phenomena that will restore faith and keep intact a belief in a good system of medicine and prayer - BOTH.

The astrologer is aware of Prarabdha (destined karma) in human life and knows that in some cases nothing can be done. Doctors generally keep treating a patient even when they know that it is a case without any hope because they have to, because they are paid for it or because they are greedy. Astrologers also prescribe very costly remedies and keep exploiting their clients. But then it will not solve your problem. What is the answer? Surrender to the lord in whatever form you worship him. Believe in prayer to God and surrender to Him. Does it solve the problem? The answer is mostly yes, if you pray honestly and lead an honest life. There are cases when nothing worked, there are cases when it worked partly, and there are cases where it worked like a miracle. It is better to try the well known spiritual method, remedy of honest prayer and increase your tapobalam (spiritual strength).

The Suggested Steps are:

1. If the patient can pray himself it is best as I did in 2000 when doctors in Delhi and Lucknow said that I would never be able to walk again. I took no medicines. I did my japam, Vishnu Sahasranam, Narayana Kavacham, and did some exercises. In two years I was able to walk without a walker, climb stairs both in my own house and the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

2. If the patient is unable to pray himself as happens in some cases, someone in the family who loves him and who is interested in his getting cured, sincerely, should do it.

3. There are cases when the entire family prays and what happens after that is described as a miracle by all.

4. In some cases where a kamakandi pandit is asked to do it. Make sure that the pandit knows karmakanda properly and is pure, spiritually disciplined and not greedy. These days, it is like asking for the impossible.

5. There are cases where Mahatmas have showered their grace on a patient and cured him or her. These are rare but very amazing.

In short, what is being suggested through these case studies (in the book, Astrology and Faith), is - never stop praying whatever the circumstance.

8 जून 2011

Jyotish is para vidya, the eye of wisdom, demonstrable knowledge, not a bread winning subject."

Yogi Bhaskaranandaji   the guru of Kn rao

Astrology is the eye of wisdom.
Without eyesight, a man cannot find his way.
Prashna Marga, 1.12

It was in 1941 that my mother had taught me astrology. But in 1969 a Yogi had explained to me that astrology was the 'eye of wisdom.'

Passing through narrow streets of a fort like locality on the scooter of Natu Bhai I had my first darshan (glimpse) of my astrology guru, Yogi Bhaskarananda.


I neither knew that he was an astrologer nor that he wrote and spoke extremely beautiful English. I had gone to have a darshan of a Yogi about whom Natu Bhai had given an entire description: "It was as though Jesus Christ had reappeared on this earth of ours," he said, "A Christian bishop had once suddenly stopped on the road once after seeing him."

Natu Bhai had not told me that his locks of hairs were golden, soft like butter, and curly. I remembered the reaction of Bernard Shaw who after seeing the hair of Rabindranath Tagore had wished if only he too had such hair. My eyes instead of getting riveted on his lustrous face were invariably above it. Physical beauty has rarely attracted me. But it was a divine sight.

My name being Rao (not a name from the Hindi speaking area) it was natural that he began conversation in English. Being a Gujarati himself he spoke haltingly in Hindi. But like a torrential flow was his literary and beautiful English. Using difficult words had become natural with him for two reasons: he had done a B.A. (Hons) in English literature and was so steeped in the writings of Sri Aurobindo that long sentences had become a habit with him.

What was it in him that left an impression on me? His exquisite conversational ability or mature spiritual wisdom? For 40 years he had done sadhana, scriptural studies and astrology in the caves of the Himalayas. He hailed from a prosperous family and was a baal brahmchari (a celibate from childhood).

Once, when during the course of conversation in our small group, he started his discussion of a horoscope. I, as though, was irritated. My mother was my first Jyotisha guru but when I saw other astrologers I found them dogmatic, half-educated, uncouth and fear-arousing cheats. Even today that is my impression. Descending from metaphysical heights, he came to discussing astrology, which he described as para vidya (divine knowledge). I was surprised and my reaction did not remain unnoticed by him.

One day he gave me a manuscript and asked me to take it home, open it and edit it. Back home, I opened it and found that it was a book on astrology!

I hesitated but when I started reading it, I found subjects like "Jyotisha and Karma," "Jyotish and the Flow of Llife Force," Jyotish and Yogic Psychology." Then there were many aphorisms of predictive astrology based on his own experience.

My mother had not taught me spiritual astrology. And now I began to learn that "Jyotish is para vidya, the eye of wisdom, demonstrable knowledge, not a bread winning subject."

My book, "Karma and Rebirth in Hindu Astrology" is based on his analysis and discussion. He had given up astrology in the last years of his life and someone stole that manuscript also. I had to, therefore, write on this subject as I have acknowledged in the preface to that book.

One day he predicted, after discussing my own horoscope, that after doing astrology on international stages, I will renounce life.

His was the physical frame of a Yogi, the diet of a Yogi, the sleep of a Yogi and the self-control of a Yogi. He never fell sick. Once he had said, "Whatever may be the ailment, do fasting and drink the water of the Ganga. Everything will be cured."

And then when I was transferred to Patna he had said, "in eastern India, particularly in Bihar, there will be a revolutionary agitation. I will make such a muhurta for you that amidst raging fires all round you, you will not be hurt." It was a blending of mundane and muhurta astrology. Things happened as he had predicted. Between 1972 and 1975 there was the agitation of Jaya Prakash Narayan and I witnessed violent incidents every day.

"These fellows cannot even grasp the horoscope of Indira Gandhi." He had said once. "She will trample on everyone and become a powerful leader, an immortal leader of history." Those days almost every astrologer had written that Indira Gandhi could become M.P. (Member of Parliament) but never P.M. (Prime Minister).

7 जून 2011

The Utility of Noting Guru Chandala Yoga

The Utility of Noting Guru Chandala Yoga

morden maharishi k n rao

People with Guru Chandala yoga in their horoscope show the following common psychological traits:

1. They are known for a lack of sense of gratitude which is a noticeable mark in their lives.
2. Timid and lacking in initiative they need the support of someone to climb up some ladders in their life, and after achieving some success, betray their mentors (represented by Jupiter).
3. If the 2nd house of ethical conduct is under malefic influence it can be easily concluded that they can lose their mental balance.
4. There is no one in the world that they admire. Emotionally warped, they rarely suffer a guilty conscience.
5. All these traits manifest most if the mahadasha of Rahu followed by that of Jupiter comes in their life in the prime of their youth.

ग्रह शांति क्या है ?

ज्योतिष के तकनीकी सूत्र (के एन राव )
गुरुदेव स्वामी चिन्मय योगी (श्री रजत बोस ) जी के साथ स्वामी आनंद चैतन्य 

ग्रह शांति क्या है ?
  1. वास्तव में ग्रह शांति क्या है इस प्रश्न का प्रत्येक ज्योतिष के पास अपना व्यक्तिगत उत्तर है .
  2. मेरे पास इसके दो उत्तर है .ज्योतिष की दृष्टी  से   यह  देखा  जा  सकता  है की एक विशेष स्थिति में  ग्रह शांति के लिये जो उपाय किया जा रहा है वह कार्य करेगा अथवा नहीं ? यदि वह कार्य नहीं कर रहा है तो ज्योतिष का नैतिक कर्त्तव्य हो जाता है की वह सलाह लेने आएये व्यक्ति को उसका खोया हुआ आत्मविश्वास जगाने में मदद करे .यह किसी धोखा धडी से नहीं किया जा सकता ,सलाह लेने वाले व्यक्ति को इस बात के लिये तैयार करना पडेगा की प्रारब्ध के आघातों को वह जीवन की अत्यावश्यक नियति मन कर स्वीकार करे .उपदेश देने के सामान यह भी स्वस्थ विधि है .उपदेश से बचाने के लिये ज्योतिष को भूतकालिक घटनाओं का सफलतापूर्वक कथन करना चाहिये और तब सम्बंधित व्यक्ति को यह विश्वास कराना  चाहिये कुछ घटनाओं के विषय में उसे प्रारब्ध की आवश्यकता स्वीकार करनी चाहिए .इस कथन के कारण बहुत विवाद हुआ ,तथा अनचाहे ही कुछ लोग मुझसे वैर भाव रखने लगे .
  3. यदि ऐसा लगे की किसी व्यक्ति में धार्मिक प्रवृतियाँ  है तो यही सबसे अच्छा होता है की उसे और अधिक श्रद्धा पूर्वक उपासना करने के लिये प्रेरित  किया जाये .कारण बहुत  सहज है .ईश्वर तो निसंदेह अंतिम सत्य है .
  4. अब रहा रत्न धारण करने की बात का .इसमे तो मै यही कहूंगा की अधिकांशतः जो लोग रत्न धारण करने की सलाह देते है उनमे से बहुतों का सम्बन्ध जौहरियों से रत्न बिक्री पर प्राप्त होने वाली कमीशन से होता है .अब यह ज्योतिष तो नहीं है इसे तो व्यापार ही कहा जायेगा .
  5. हाँ ,यंत्रों का प्रयोग निश्चित रूप से फलदायक होता है ,लेकिन तब ही जब कोई शुद्द आचरण वाला साधक शास्त्रोक्त विधि ज्योतिषीय दृष्टी कोण पर विचार करते हुवे ये यंत्र बनाये .ऐसे लोग जो सम्यक विधि से यंत्र निर्माण कर सकते है वे बहुत गिने चुने लोग ही है. अधिकांश ज्योतिष तो यह भी नहीं जानते की इन यंत्रों को बनाने का रहस्य क्या है .परन्तु उनका भाग्य अच्छा होता है क्यूंकि उनके द्वारा बनाये हुये यंत्रों को ग्राहक अच्छी खासी रकम देकर खरीद ही लेते है .
  6. यद्यपि हम सब महर्षि पराशर द्वारा लिखित पद्धति के आधार पर ही ज्योतिष करते है ,किन्तु बहुत खेद की बात है की महर्षि पराशर द्वारा बताये गये मन्त्र जाप तथा दान का उपायों को कुछ स्वार्थी ज्योतिषी इसलिये नहीं सुझाते की भले ही यह उपाय सम्बंधित व्यक्ति के लिये किनी ही लाभ प्रद सिद्ध हों ,लेकिन उन ज्योतिष के लिये तो आर्थिक रूप से हानिप्रद ही होते है .
  7. मनोवैज्ञानिक स्टार पर पर ज्योतिष को बहुत श्रेष्ठता प्राप्त होती है ,और इसका उपयोग वह एक मनो चिकिस्तक के रूप में सम्बद्ध व्यकित को प्रभावशाली तथा व्यावहारिक सलाह दे कर कर सकता है .लेकिन फिर वाही व्यावसायिक आर्थिक स्वार्थ आड़े आ जाता है और फलस्वरूप सम्बद्ध व्यक्ति को उचित तथा अच्छी मनोवैज्ञानिक सलाह से वंचित रहना  पड़ता है .

6 जून 2011

Nagaridas Baba prescribe Rama Raksha Stotram, as a remedy

Nagaridas Baba always prescribed Rama Raksha Stotram, as the best astrological remedy.

nagridaas baba with mr k n rao

When people were talking of propitiation or shanti of planets on the advice of astrologers, Nagaridas Baba often said, "Those who lead an honestly spiritual life will find planets becoming anukul (favourable) not pratikul (unfavourable)."

During one of those years in the plains, some yogis were sitting in one place and a very argumentative man came and challenged them to revive a tree which had dried up and was dying. At night [Nagaridas Baba] had a dream in which he was told to recite 'Rama Raksha Stotram' a great Sanskrit hymn in praise of Lord Rama. Baba did it as directed and after fifteen days the tree became laden with green leaves and fruits and flowers. The news spread in the villages nearby. Before the swarming crowds could come and surround him he ran away and never returned to that village. The great guru of the famous astrologer, Hardeo Shastri Sharma Trivedi, always prescribed Rama Raksha Stotram, as the best astrological remedy.

By K.N. Rao, from Yogis, Destiny, and the Wheel of Time, - ch. 12

5 जून 2011

नया दिन आ रहा है. नये मनुष्य का दिन आ रहा है .

भगवान् श्री रजनीश ( ओशो )के
 अनमोल  पत्र
जो उन्होने स्वामी चिन्मय योगी( श्री रजत बोस )
 को लिखे थे 
फरवरी २७,१९८२

प्रिय चिन्मय योगी ,
                    प्रेम ,
आपका प्रेम भरा पत्र पाकर आनंद हुआ .उनकी करुणा आप पर बरस रही है .यह सुंदर है की आपने सब उनकी मर्जी पर छोड़ दिया है .

"नयी सुबह हो रही है .

नया दिन आ रहा है.

नये मनुष्य का दिन आ रहा है .

मै नये मनुष्य की घोषणा करता हूँ .

और तुम्हे बनना है वह नया मनुष्य .

तुम्हे होना है उस नये मनुष्य की पहली किरण .

तुम्हे उस नया मनुष्य को रूप देना है, आकृति देनी है, यथार्थ देना है .

वहां सभी को प्रेम .सानंद होंगे .

भगवान् श्री के आशीष 

माँ आनंद शीला 
भगवान् श्री की निजी सचिव 

4 जून 2011

ज्योतिष विवेचन की विधियों में सी आर डी ऍफ़ फ़ॉर्मूला

ज्योतिष विवेचन की विधियों में सी आर डी ऍफ़ फ़ॉर्मूला 

 आधुनिक ज्योतिष के महर्षि श्री के एन राव जी ने अपने लेख में यह नया फ़ॉर्मूला दिया है .ज्योतिष के क्षेत्र में भावी ज्योतिषियों को इस  फोर्मुले से  नयी दिशा  मिलेगी .

शास्त्रीय पद्धति 
क्लासिकल का" सी "
"सी " से आशय है ज्योतिष के प्राचीन ग्रन्थ जो ज्योतिष सीखने का ठोस और ज्ञान अर्जित करने का सबसे भरोसेमंद आधार है .सभी ज्योतिषियों को प्राचीन ज्योतिष ग्रंथों का अद्ययन और मनन करना चाहिये .हिन्दू ज्योतिष की बुनियादी  बातों के साथ विषय के व्यापक और गहन समझ के लिये जरुरी प्राचीन ग्रंथों और उआकी टीकाओं की संख्या  बहुत  बड़ी है .इनमे से कुछ ग्रन्थ तो सभी सफल ज्योतिषियों के आदर्श मानक भी रहे है .

उदार दृष्टीकोण 
रोमांटिक का "आर "
"आर " से आशय है "रोमांटिक " या उदार दृष्टीकोण .प्राचीन ज्योतिषीय सिद्दांतों को आत्मसात करने के बाद ही किसी जातक के देश ,काल ,समाज ,तथा परिवार आदि की पृष्टभूमि में इनका लचीला प्रयोग करना चाहिये .
यह शोध का सबसे उपयोगी क्षेत्र है .

फोर्मुले  का "ऍफ़ " 
फोर्मुला वह संवेदी सूचकांक है जिसे कुछ ग्रहों के अंश को जोड़ या घटाकर हासिल किया जाता है और इसका गोचर तथा दशाक्रम के साथ तालमेल बैठाकर सुनिश्चित भविष्य वाणी की जाती है .

दशा का "डी"
"डी" का मतलब है दशा क्रम .भारतीय ज्योतिष के पराशरी में ही कम से कम चालीस दशाएं है .
दशाओं के ज्ञान से समय की भविष्यवाणी और सटीक ही जाती है

3 जून 2011

"शिष्य गुरु से अलग नहीं हो सकता . गुरुमय होकर जीता है "

   भगवान् श्री रजनीश ( ओशो ) के अनमोल  पत्र 
                जो उन्होने स्वामी चिन्मय योगी  
                  (श्री रजत बोस )जी को   लिखे 

P.O. Box-9,Rajneeshpuram,Oregon 97741, USA
(503) 489-3301
प्रिय चिन्मय योगी जी ,
आपका पात्र पाकर खूब आनंद हुआ .

"शिष्य गुरु से अलग नहीं हो सकता .

एक बार शिष्य हो जाये ,

एक बार झुक जाये और जागने  का रस ले ले ,

एक बार समर्पित हो जाये ,

एक बार प्रेम की लपट उसके भीतर उठ जाये 

और प्रेम के स्वाद पकड़ जाये - बस .

 गुरुमय होकर जीता है "

फिर गुरु में ही जीता है
भगवान् श्री के आशीष 
माँ आनंद शीला 

2 जून 2011

ध्यान केंद्र में शनि भैरव पूजन हवन संपन्न

नीरव ओशो  ध्यान केंद्र में शनि भैरव  पूजन हवन संपन्न 

अनुराग भैया राजू पिंकू  एवं गुरुदेव स्वामी चिन्मय योगी ( श्री रजत बोस )

एक जून को अमावस्या है . अब से यह निर्णय लिया गया है की प्रत्येक अमावस्या को हवन किया जाएगा .इस निर्णय में मेरा बहुत बड़ा हाथ है .गुरुदेव से अनुमति मिल गयी है .
गुरुदेव ने कहा " हवन करना तो बहुत उत्तम कार्य है .तुम लोग साबर भी कर चुके हो .हवन तो जरुर करो .अमावस्या  भी बहुत बढ़िया दिन  है .
मैने पूछा " गुरुदेव किस मन्त्र का हवन करें ?"
शनि भैरव हवन 

"महाकाल के मन्त्र का हवन करो .भैरव बाबा और बटुक नाथ की पूजा से हड्डी महाराज की पूजा भी हो जाती है .आखिर महाकाल हड्डी महाराज के भी आराध्य देव है .महाकाल की पूजा से पत्रिका  के और जीवन के भी बहुत बड़ी बड़ी विघ्न बाधाएँ दूर होती है ." 
गुरुदेव से मैने पूछा "साबर मन्त्रों का भी कर सकते है क्या ?"
"साबर का करोगे तो तुम गप्पू और हेमंत ही कर सकते हो .सभी को शामिल नहीं कर पावोगे ."
"आपने मेरी समझ की जादा स्पस्ट कर दिया .सबको शामिल करना ही है .सबका लाभ हो ,सामूहिक हवन  हो तो ही जादा आनंद है ."
अमावस्या हवन 

"भैरवी से बात हुई है उसने कहा है की शनि अमावस्या की पूजा भी तुम लोग जोड़ लो .पहले शनि के मन्त्र से आहुति के बाद भैरव और बटुक के मन्त्रों से हवन करो .तुम लोगों को दोहरा लाभ होगा ."
हेमंत ने पूछा " गुरुदेव क्या आपकी भैरवी माता से रोज बात होती है ?"
"नहीं .जब काम होता है तभी बात होती है .उसको मुझसे बात करने के लिये वहां सभी चीजों से आफ होना पड़ता है ." गुरुदेव ने कहा .
स्वामी आनंद चैतन्य (डॉ सत्यजीत साहू )
डॉ सत्यजीत साहु (स्वामी आनंद चैतन्य )
डॉ सत्यजीत साहू (स्वामी आनंद चैतन्य )
पिंकू सत्तू गप्पू अनिल हेमंत हवन करते हुवे 
मैने हवन के लिये  धयान केंद्र के अलावा आकाश ,चंदू , रोहित ,रितेश और प्रवीण को कहा था .आज सिर्फ चंदू और आकाश ने मुझसे संपर्क किया .मै समझ गया की बाकि लोग के प्रारब्ध में हवन का हिस्सा बनाना नहीं है .चंदू को मैने सीधे पहुचने के लिये कहा .आकाश का फ़ोन आया तो मै उसके पास पंहुचा और दोनों साथ में ध्यान केंद्र पहुचे .

गप्पू ,पिंकू, राजू ,अमित ,हेमंत ,अनिल पहुच गये थे .मुंग बडे  का प्रसाद तैयार किया गया .अनिल अपने  स्वभावतः हंसी मजाक करने लगा और साथ ही साथ जल्दी जल्दी सभी तैयारी को करने लगा . उसको रात्रि के कार्यक्रम को जल्दी से निपटा कर घर भागने की जल्दी रहती है .
उसका शनि महादशा का समय ख़राब आने वाला है इसलिये गुरुदेव ने उसे हवन के लिये विशेष रूप से बुलाया है .इसी बीच सूरज भी आ गया .सूरज भिलाई से रात गये आया है इसलिये रात्री का भोजन यही बनाने का भी तय किया गया .पेंच भात बनाने की तैयारी भी कर दे गयी .चंदू आया था तो उसे अंडा और आलू लाने के लिये कहा गया .
आहुति देते हुवे 
हवन का कार्यक्रम शुरू किया गया .गुरुदेव से आज्ञा ले कर सबको मन्त्र और विधि बताई गयी फिर  पूजन और आहुति की गयी .सबने आहुति डाली .बाद में गुरु माँ और बुआ जी ने भी आहुति डाली . सबने  दक्षिणा दी और प्रसाद ग्रहण किया .
मैने गुरुदेव से कहा "आज हवन की अग्नि बहुत तीव्रता से प्रज्वलित हो रही थी .उसकी लपटे शरीर से भी टकरा रही थी ."
"हाँ ,आज लपटे काफी ऊँची तेज थी .यह हवन के सफल होने का संकेत  है ." गुरुदेव ने कहा .
हवन में शामिल पिंकू ,सत्तू ,गप्पू 
अनिल ,आकाश चंदू और अमित चले गये .पिंकू को गप्पू ने उसके कंपनी के फोर्मेट भरने के लिये दिशा निर्देश दिया .पिंकू को कापी किताब लेकर पड़ते देख कर गुरुदेव  गप्पू से कहा " पिंकू को पढते देख कर मुझे सुखद आश्चर्य हो रहा है ."
सामूहिक भोजन 
भोजन  के बाद सत्संग बैठी तो सबके लिये रत्न निकला गया .पिंकू को अपने ब्रेसलेट के लिये रत्न मिला .गुरुदेव ने गुरु माँ के लिये लाकेट का रत्न निकाल कर गप्पू की दिया और कहा की उसको लाकेट देने से भैरवी को उपहार देना हो जाएगा .
हेमंत और सूरज के अंगूठी के लिये भी रत्न गुरुदेव ने दिया .
गुरुदेव की मालिश गप्पू ने की . हेमंत  जज बनने पर क्या क्या करेगा  इस बात को लेकर हेमंत से सब मजाक करने  लगे .बाद में सत्संग सभा विसर्जित हुई .गुरुदेव और समस्त देवी देवता तथा हड्डी महाराज को प्रणाम करके सबने प्रस्थान किया .

जय गुरुमहाराज की जय 
जय भैरवी माता की जय 
जय इस्ट देव साईं बाबा की जय 
जय नर्मदा बाबा की जय 

"मै तो थोड़े से दाना दोस्तों की तलाश कर रहा हूँ ."

भगवान् श्री रजनीश (ओशो ) के  अनमोल पत्र 
 जो उन्होने स्वामी चिन्मय योगी (श्री रजत बोस )
 जी को लिखे 

17 jan 1983 oregon usa
प्रिय योगी ,
प्रेम ,
आपका पत्र  पाकर आनंद  हुआ .
इस पागलपन   की    मस्ती   लें ,
क्यूंकि यह पागलपन सौभाग्यशालियों को उपलब्ध होता है .
अगर गृहस्थी  से थोडा समय निकल सको तो "जुलाई के उत्सव "
पर " यहाँ आना सुंदर होगा "

"मै तो थोड़े से दाना दोस्तों की तलाश कर रहा हूँ .

थोड़े से समझदार सन्यासी मुझे चाहिये .

और यह काम होगा ,यह ज्योति जलेगी .

ये इशारे ऊपर से आ गये है की ज्योति जलेगी ."

वहां सभी को प्रेम 

भगवान् श्री के आशीष
माँ आनंद शीला

1 जून 2011

जीवन उत्सव बने ,बसंत बने ,तो ही जानना की धर्म का स्वाद आया .

भगवान् श्री रजनीश (ओशो ) के  अनमोल पत्र 
 जो उन्होने स्वामी चिन्मय योगी (श्री रजत बोस )
 जी को लिखे 

७ अप्रैल १९८३ 
Oregon ( USA )
प्रिय चिन्मय योगी ,

"जीवन तो एक अवसर है -

जहाँ चाहो तो वरदान ही वरदान मिले ,

और चाहो तो अभिशाप ही अभिशाप .

वही उर्जा जो अभिशाप है ,वही ऊर्जा वरदान बन जाती है .

सब तुम पर निर्भर है .

इस जीवन के अवसर को वरदानों की वर्षा में बदलने की 

जीवन के अनूठे साज से संगीत उठाने की कला ही संन्यास है .

जीवन उत्सव बने ,बसंत बने ,तो ही जानना की धर्म  का स्वाद आया .

यह दुर्भाग्य ही है की अधिक लोग इस साज से शोरगुल भर उठाते है .

जीने की कला सीखो.ध्यान कला है. प्रेम कला है .संन्यास कला है ."

वहां सबको प्रेम ,

भगवान् श्री के आशीष 
माँ आनंद शीला