16 अप्रैल 2011

mantra is to be done by grihastha .

गुरुदेव स्वामी चिन्मय योगी जी के साथ श्रीमती प्रीती साहू 
What is happening at osho nirav dhayan Kendra

Yes there has always been the flow at the dhyan Kendra.

Recently the chaitra navratra has observed for the year 2011. on this festive I asked gurudev that which sadhana we do at this time .He tell us to do the mantra of devi has to be recited and yagya of that mantra is to be done by grihastha .

Additionally he said that why only in navratra I do recite devi manta daily .

“Gurudev please tell me the mantra which you are doing daily”. I asked

Write down the mantra to be recited daily for grihasta

“Gurupujan mantra

Ganesh mantra 11 times

Benefic ghraha 1st 5th 9th lord tantrik beej manta

Rahu mantra ketu mantra

Vasudev,sai,lakxmi,narayan mantra with tulsi mala

Chamunda ma, durga ma, kuber ,narmada baba ,laghu mritunjay,hanuman,shiv, kaal bhairav and batuk bhairav mantra

All the above deity mantra to be recited daily for the overall well being of grihasta. Additionally mantra can be recited on the basis of adverse ghraha yog or the timeneeded purpose. Most of the time above 18 mantra are sufficient to give proctation and blessing to the grihastha bhakta. At the end of mantra jap personal prayer to be done to the deities to forgive all the sins of your family and you now and forever . Also do the prayer for the blessing and well being of yourself and each of your family and your dear ones.”

Well is it really works ?

I personally found that it works.

So it is up to you to try it. But whenever you try try it for minimum six month.You will get the answer.

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