18 सितंबर 2010

The PACDARES Method by K. N. Rao

gurudev shri rajat bose ji (swami chinmaya yogi)
(by K. N. Rao)

Vaughun paul: You mentioned just a moment ago about PACDARES. Can you talk about this approach that you developed?

K.N. Rao: I’ll tell you. All the old astrologers that I used to see in my childhood made use of a brilliant approach. I saw my mother also doing this. They never coined any expressions to explain it, but over the course of time I thought about it. When I was teaching, the demand from students was to have a clear cut, systematic approach. They were reading books and getting confused. They would say Saturn in the 7th house means destruction, Rahu in the 7th house means bad marriage. I would tell them this is all nonsense, don’t go by that. Instead take a total synthesis. How do you make a total synthesis? I said ‘P’ is for a where a planet is placed or posited. ‘A’ is for how it is aspected. ‘C’ is for conjunctions. Therefore it is called PAC. Out of these some yogas emerge. ‘D’ is for dhana yoga, money. ‘A’ is for arishta yoga, arishta is mishaps, illness, etc. ‘R’ is for raja yoga, getting high positions in life. ‘E’ is for exchanges, like the lord of the 2nd in the 4th, and lord of the 4th in the 2nd, etc. ‘S’ is for special features, which every horoscope has. Now look at this and synthesize the whole thing by doing PAC. Out of this emerges DARES. This framework you keep in your mind.

Now look at the dasha system and you see when a particular event is to take place according to these yogas. Hindu astrology is a dasha and yoga approach. The moment you forget that the system is destroyed. You must know how to make use of the dashas, because the dashas are the dynamic fructification of a promised event. The yogas show the promised event, while the dashas show when it is going to be fulfilled. So unless you do PACDARES you cannot develop any astrological skill at all.

So I evolved this tabulation because I saw all the experienced astrologers taking these steps, even though they never expressed it. But I knew they had it, so I systematized the whole thing. When I was teaching students they found it very easy to understand. They had come from a good educational background, so they wanted to understand everything systematically. They also wanted to interlink different things in a horoscope. So I said to do PACDARES, then you are able to interlink.

There is a second stupid controversy that was created by some Indian astrologers here. They say to not see aspects in vargas. That is wrong. The entire book Jataka Bharanam is based only on the interpretation of vargas, particularly the navamsha and aspects in the navamsha. Brilliant predictions come out of that. So see aspects also in varga charts. You’ll get very good results.