17 मई 2010

Rituals that go wrong

Rituals that go wrong

Magicians are all too eager to hold forth about the rituals that work - the superb invocations, the powerful evocations and the money-working spell after which you find a tenner lying in the street.
 But what about the rituals that don't come off as planned - the invocations when the deity doesn't manifest, the Results Magick that doesn't come up with the goods, and the workings which leave you with a sense of 'was that it?'

Why it don't Work

If a ritual goes wrong, it's because someone got a decimal point wrong somewhere. The explanations that we often use to describe how magick works -  morphic fields, Butterflies flapping their wings, and so forth, are all very well, but reading them, I often get the impression that magick shouldn't, all things considered, miss the mark agency.

What do I mean when I say 'Rites that go Wrong'? In the case of Results Magick (Sorcery) this would refer to spells to bring about a specific condition that haven't manifested yet.

In which case one might argue himself  way out of that one and say that 'the Universe is still working to manifest that one' - i.e. the cheque's in the post. For Invocations, 'going wrong' might be when the deity being summoned fails to turn up.

Of course, a lot of magick doesn't require hardcore results - subtle stuff like personal development & so forth, where you can only judge the 'results' over time.

Results Magic

Results Magick is concerned with bringing about specific changes in your conditions. One of the simplest approaches to Sorcery is using Sigils. The important thing to be stress, is getting your intent as precise as possible - vague 'wishing' tends to vague results.

There are other factors to bear in mind as well.

Then- Sex.

Works doesn't it? Well, most of the time.

A 'traditional' magical line is that you shouldn't place too much strain on the Universe. There is the old age of a magician who does a spell for money and waits for the multiverse to provide.


At group rituals where the deity being called upon descends, not into the chosen priestess or priest, but into someone else. This can be embarrassing for all This isn't so much 'failure' though, as an unexpected level of success.

 Magicians should beware the unexpected.

Performing an invocation if ‘something’ in the area objected. Whatever it was, took the hint, banished.

At Group Magic

Don’t work magic with people who u have doubts about - or simply don't like for very clear reasons. Set this as a rule.

 The people who came down for the do spent the whole time bickering with each other, and generally bringing a bad vibe (man) to the whole thing

The advice of an elder one  best route was to steer clear of "daft buggers" in future. One must follow this rule.

Do a working that is going-to-bloody-well-work! Having said that, be careful to only attempt things which have a good chance of coming off - not straining the fabric of the wossname too much.

It was good practice in disciplining people to do their wee-wees before the ritual and not halfway through the invocations ... mind you, for some people that is their idea of ritual.

But this isn't answering the question of why do Rites Go Wrong? I think Group Dynamics, or perhaps, the lack of awareness of, can explain some occult gaffs.

What will be the Right Attitude?

Not having the rite attitude is probably responsible for a few gaffs.

There was a incidence   in a ritual. There was a couple - not taking it seriously - probably still hoping that after this ritual there would be an orgy after all. Everyone else got their desire manifested. They got their house broken into.

So what's the 'right attitude?'

Difficult to define, but I think playful seriousness probably sums it up for me. Get too serious and you tend to get pompous. Get too playful and you'll get on other people's nerves - possibly including the entities you're working with.

Not Bothering to Banish

Going Loony is a magical mistake. Well, it's supposed to make you a better person, isn't it? So if you end up boring people stupid then you've done a whoopsy somewhere.

Simple guideline: if you go Loony and pull out of it, then it was an 'initiation'. If you stay a Loony then it was a mistake. You might think that you've crossed the abyss, kicked the crap out of Satan and discovered a whole new set of initiation titles for yourself, but if everyone else thinks you're a prat, then its tough shit.

It's easy to do your head in with magick.

If you consistently invoke the same deity, it's quite likely that you'll end up obsessed by that deity. Sure, invoke often, but variety please.

One of the Leeds magia a few years ago did too many invokations of Pan and was last heard of wandering around Newcastle city centre displaying a proud erection and declaiming himself to be the personification of the male principle and where was his Priestess? What he did get was a manifestation of spirits clad in blue..


With magick, it pays to have a certain amount of confidence - if you're not sure what you're doing, I think that this can sometimes lead to a working going awry.

But with confidence, you can have too much of a good thing. If you're totally confident about how something's going to work out, then you're less likely to adapt quickly if something doesn't happen as you think it should.

Likewise, what do you do when someone won't come out of trance? Leave them to it? Call their name gently? Tickle their feet? Throw a bucket of water over them or slap they round the chops? Books on how-to-do magick don't tend to mention this sort of occurrence - you give the license to depart and off goes the entity back to wherever-it-was they manifested from. You hope.

Sometimes rituals go wrong because something that sounded okay during the planning didn't actually come out right when being done.

Similarly, the problem with becoming over-reliant on other people's ritual scripts is that it's hard to improvise if you're not used to it. After stumbling over the o lines forget 'lines' now and again but if you can't improvise in such moments, then it can lead to a sudden 'deflation' of any ritual atmosphere that's been carefully built up.

Being Wet in style

I think a key point about doing ritual is that if you're going to do it, do it with a bit of jazz - style.

Imagine you're an actor on stage and put a bit of life into. or you are a pilot to take off the boing above the ground.

You may not believe that the Gods you're invoking are real - but you were up on some lofty spiritual plane, would you bother dragging yourself all the way down to the lower astral for some drip who erred, ummed .

Magic works very much on the principle of nothing in, nothing out. If you can at least act as though you're summoning up powerful forces from beyond space and time, you might get somewhere.

If you're into ritual at all then it's quite likely that, somewhere amongst your legion of selves, there's a drama queen screaming for recognition. So be flamboyant. Put on a good show and the gods will reward you, give good reviews, come back for more and tell their friends about you.

And this brings up something else. Asking gods to do things for you. This can be tricky. Asking Kali to blat the guy in the next flat who plays his stereo too loud when you're trying to meditate is a bit like using a tac-nuke to swat a fly with

It is said by some that gods have a different sense of time than we do and our sense of 'now' is a lot different to theirs.

If, at gatherings of the occult, you actually admit to a working going wrong. Some clever dick is bound to point out a flaw in your research. Like, "oh you didn't invoke the wossname through the right portals, nor did you have the right colours on the temple banners and you did the dance widdershins" and that kind of thing.

Nevertheless, there do seem to be some ground rules in certain types of magical operation. Take Goetia. Ooer, yes, summoning demons. A couple of years ago we did a whole series of evocations from the Lesser Key of Solomon. For the first working, we thought "why bother with all this circle & triangle on the floor stuff - we'll just visualise 'em instead." The main result of that was that we both suffered nausea and a 'drained' feeling for a couple of days afterwards - a sort of dark hangover of the soul, I suppose. And the demon didn't come through very clearly. It turned out that Goetic demons have fairly 'traditional' ideas about how they liked to be invoked. None of this trendy stuff for them. Either we did it properly or we'd have a strike on our hands.

Dream weaving/loony

It seems to be a part of magical learning. Whilst you class yourself as a neophyte, you sort of 'expect' things to go wrong, and are continually over-stating the consequences of what 'orrible thing might appear if you do something wrong.

Once you've knocked around for a bit, you're more confident about what you're doing and when something does go wacky, you're often less prepared for it.

Magick involves taking risks.

If nothing else, getting into a sticky situation will give you a new perspective on things

One of those experiences of when you think you're awake At the time though, it really threw a scare into u, and it gave u a deeper respect for magick. So that was okay, in the end. Ah the days of youthful folly.

It may be that we learn far more about magick and ourselves when things don't quite go according to plan. magick was not as easy as some people make it out to be.

Magick, like life, is wacky, weird and wonderful.

It's never ceased to amaze me that by standing in a room, waving your arms about, and spouting awful verse, you can change the atmosphere, how you feel, and possibly set off a stochastic process that will result (more or less) in what you want to happen, happening.

We can theorise, argue, and woffle pedantically all we like, but the core of the mystery I don't think will ever be pinned down.

I think it's extremely difficult to judge magical results entirely in terms of success and failure.

My experiences with doing magical sigils for example, have shown me that quite often, the results don't manifest until I've thought "well bugger this that was a waste of time" - and then they pop up.

Some magical approaches do in fact recommend that you work occasionally for a negative result - and the opposite will come along in due course. Any magical act should be instructive, especially when it doesn't go the way you planned.

Let me finish then, with some magical axioms to bear in mind

1-Invoke Often

2-Banish Often

3-Do it with Style

4-Keep a sense of perspective     

5-When caught out - Improvise

(Abstract from a article of a famous occultist of west)

GURUDEV'S STRICT ADVICE ( on akshaya tritiya  )

"Do not allow mr a and mr d to your rite. Today your rite went to a big failure because of mr a's worng attitude "