6 अप्रैल 2010

Jyotish may help us

How Jyotish may help us to deal with problems ?This has been the quest of many. In the shortest way possible i try to get the answer.

In the tradition of Indian astrology, ancient sages unveiled many ways to diminish the burden of acute problems, or even make them disappearing. Some of these are:

1- Meditation and yoga: they help mind and body coordination, unfold consciousness and improve health, giving us a greater potential. They may include also ayurvedic (traditional Indian medicine) treatments.

2- Gems and precious stones: wearing these can counteract unfavorable influences and it must be suggested by the astrologer.

3- Mantra jap : energy vibration are created which works to negate the evil effect and enhance the positive effect of person.

4- Yagyas: they are an ancient Vedic healing practice that has been passed down for over thousands of years in India.  Yagyas invoke the forces of nature to work on your behalf. They facilitate healing of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. They help to resolve problems or areas of difficulty in life. Yagyas are performed to neutralize the negative influences that create pain, suffering, obstacles and difficulties.