1 अप्रैल 2010

मंत्र जाप प्रारंभिक बातें

मंत्र जाप को नए साधक को उच्चारण करके यानि बोलकर जाप करना चाहिए .
इसका सिद्दांत है की भौतिक लाभ के लिए वाचिक जाप और आध्यात्मिक  लाभ के लिए मानसिक जाप करना चाहिए . अब हम सांसारिक लोगों को वाचिक जाप ही फायेदा देगा .
एक मन्त्र की एक माला प्रतिदिन जाप पर्याप्त है .
 मन्त्र जाप  के लिए चार प्रमुख बातें  पंडित रमेश चन्द्र श्रीवास्तव जी के अनुसार :
१- मन्त्र का शुद्ध होना 
२- उच्चारण का शुद्ध होना 
३;स्थूल से सूक्ष्म की ओर जाना 
४: बाहय से आंतरिक चेतना का जागरण 

"मन नात त्रायते इति मन्त्र " इसलिए साधकों मन के सुधार के लिए मन्त्र जाप करें

Psycological secret of ritual part-1

For sadana it is nessary to present the mind with a pure object and to busy it in pure actions.This is not only excludes other objects and actions but trains the mind in sach a way towards goodness and illumination that it at length no longer desires wrongful enjoyment ;or lawful pashu enjoyment or even enjoyment infused with spiritual bhava and thus finally attains desirelessness nishkambhava.

The mind dominated by matter then regulated in matter consiously releses itself to firstwork through matter then against matter then raising above matter it at length enters the supreme state in which all tha antithesis of matter and spirit have goan.

There are psycological principles on which sadana is based and these are key to an understanding of the extraordinary complexity and varity of actual ritual detail. There are application of these principle in all form of common and complex worship.

It is recognise in the first place that mind and body mutually react upon ane another. Therefore be a physical sadhana as a groundwork of the mental sadhana to follow.

India has for ages recognised what is now becoming genarally admitted namely that not only health but clarity of mind, character,deposition and morals are affected by the nurishment ,excercise, and genral treatment of the body.