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How to know if we have Tantra (bhahri baadha) Problem in life.

QUESTION: How to know if we have Tantra (bhahri baadha) Problem in life.

Reply: - Catch of Tantra (bhari baadha), which are light in nature can not be felt, it effect like very slow poison to native and when the person understand that there is really some thing strange is going on in life only then he or she starts doubting, but by that time it becomes very late, and the aim of enemy or the person who triggered it, achieves the aim of ruining the native. There are few points which can give you little hint if you have such problem in life.

If you feel that some one is observing you, even in empty room.

If you think that most of astrologer are unable to guide you.

If you feel detachment from your own work and you start taking interest in different things

If you feel to have wine and sex and Meat eating strong desire in every evening

If your most of moves are going against you and little children are not feeling comfortable with you.

If you listen some strange sound in night

If you have wired dreams as if some strange person from opposite sex is affecting you or making you fear.

If any three of above effects are present in your life, then you must consult some good Tantrik or Strong Sprit controlling person.

QUESTION: Is it different from Astrology / Jyotish.

Reply: - It is very different from Astrology or Jyotish. Jyotish or Astrology is a having three parts (1) Mathematical (2) Principle (3) Predictive. It is predictive part, which is related to Intuition + Psychic + Blessings of Teachers. It is more like a combination of Knowledge and Mystic Bliss. Where as Tantra is combination of Tattva or the science of cosmic principles, and “mantra" refers to the science of mystic sound and vibrations. Tantra therefore is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. In another sense, tantra also means the scripture by which the light of knowledge is spread: Tanyate vistaryate jnanam anemna iti tantram.

Astrologer uses chart to predict something about the native and Tantra directly corrects the Aura or Cosmic affiliation or strength of native. Hence Tantra is more powerful. According to Guru of Astrology as well as Tantra, in Tanta problem Astrology looses its penetrative power, hence DASA etc do not works for the native.

QUESTION: When we should take its help.

Reply: - Help, is help, and any one can take it any time, but the best is to get it checked if there is really some Tantra or Occult or Entity or some mystic force effecting you, or some one is trying to destroy your status or wants to ruin you or wants to defame you by using some Evil Tantik or Psychic or such powerful person. The true Tantrik or Psychic always supports innocence and by using his life power or Pran Sakti, or Mantra Shakti, finds if really it is there or not, and without any delay arrange for protection of his or her client.

There are some special occasions and signs, and if you have any two or more in your life then, without delay must contact some Tantra Guru or some powerful person

If unknowing you are changing your aim and plan

If you feel lot of attraction in sex and wine and half ripe meat.

If you feel nervousness while going to holy place

If you are feeing that few eyes are just seeing you

If you feel your skin is getting dry without any reason

If your face is getting pale, without any illness.

If you find some strange things like ball of soil, etc in your home.

If your 6th sense is giving you some fear or warning.

QUESTION: Are Ghosts and evil shadows are real?

Reply: - It is real and unreal both. It is just like life in body or thoughts in mind, which can not be seen but can be felt. only the person who gets effected by them or to whom they want to disturb or destroy, only they can feel it or sense it or know it that they are there. Else no one can see them or feel them. Just like love, you will know that you have it, when you get it.

We never tell any one to challenge any unseen power, because it is Sookshm (which can be felt only), like life, and can control you through your excitement. If you do not believe on them, it is good but do not ignore them too, no need to challenge to such things. We have seen that due to such tests several people gets lot of losses including limb loss to mental balance loss.


QUESTION: How can you protect us from So far?

Reply: - Tantra is the application of cosmic sciences with a view to attain spiritual ascendancy. And just like cosmic rays, distance, color, medium, etc have no meaning or it do not make any difference. In modern science you can take it like online chatting, where the Guru Tantrik, makes the connection with your cosmic existence and chats with your soul. If the chatter is from your next computer or from another side of world, it do not make any difference, but it should be online.

You are alive means you are online, now only Tantra Guru is required to activate Chat room in cosmos

QUESTION: What are bigger occult problems?

Reply :- Usually all problem are bigger problem, no problem should be taken as lightly, but following problems are known as Tantra Bigger problems, and one should take or ask some Tantrik Guru to protect him or her for at least till Guru thinks he or she is safe.

When you see some evil shadow is standing behind you

When you feel that there is some thing or some entity is inside you

When you come to know from any source that you are under attack of Tantra

When you feel that some thing is touching you are making relations with you.

When you get some real injuries while you were sleeping

When you feel that you are unable to eat spicy things.

QUESTION: Can we learn tantra?

Reply: - Yes you can start learning it, but under some real Guru or master. According to ancient text, it is the study which goes from one birth to another birth, and it is the reason that some gets quick learning and some are just learning and unable to do any thing. Regular practice refines them and gives them success after 8 to 9 years of regular practice. Some students gets is very very quickly, in few months. The reason behind it is the theory of propagation of practice or gained wisdom from birth to next birth.

According to Astrology, if some one is having Rahu or Ketu in strong position, such position indicates that some mystic wisdom like Magic, Tantra, Psychic etc is coming with the native from past birth.

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