18 मई 2010


Here is the new post of the great kaal ugranand saraswati on GURUSHISHYA,TRADITION,AND PATIENT WAITING IN BETWEEN (must read post)
Some of the great wisdom of the post is following:-

The sadhak needs to be patient with the path. The path includes Guru, sadhana, and oneself, and the patience with all three aspects makes for a disciplined and serious sadhak.

The vigilance of waiting is a large, spacious, and timeless view/perspective which mirrors the True Nature of Being

The various impulses which "move" a person away from vigilant waiting in this life are the same impulses that cause the conscious to be (seemingly) bound and tossed into the cycle of attached existence.

The good news is that these impulses which cause fickleness can be "burned up" in short time if one will face the energy directly and sit in the fire of sincere waiting.

Those that understand the subtle interaction with Guru and tradition, and understand the true (osmosis like) entering of the current are prepared to wait while those who are in a hurry ("tell me the info quick because I've got somewhere to go") will never truly understand

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