21 मई 2010

प्रेत जगत के बारे में कुछ तथ्य भाग -2

प्रेत जगत के बारे में कुछ तथ्य भाग -2
पिछले ब्लॉग में प्रेत जगत के बारे में कई बाते लिखी थी . इसी कड़ी में इस विषय पर कुछ नयी बातें इस ब्लॉग में लिख रहा हूँ .इस बाबत  जानकारी से कुछ लोगों को इस occult विषय पर समझ बढेगी .मेरा इस विषय पर खासा रुझान रहा है और अब शाबर सिद्दी के बाद तो जीवन की दिशा ही बदल गई है .
हिन्दुस्तान को इस ज्ञान के लिए गोरख नाथ और परंपरा के सिद्दों का आभारी रहना चाहिए .जय गोरखनाथ .

Ghost (Pret) or spirit or Paranormal World (Part-2 )

प्रेत हमारे जीवन में क्या असर दिखा सकता है ?What can a paranormal body cause in my life?

Ghosts can be responsible for many type of illnesses, mostly mental and sometimes physical illnesses. They mostly are responsible for strong negative emotions, poor interpersonal relationships, life breakdowns on different levels: mental, financial, sexual, health etc. It can manifest itself in many ways which depends on the personality of the person possessed, one's conscious and subconscious mind, needs, emotions, lifestyle etc.

क्या प्रेत व्यक्ति को आत्महत्या के लिए प्रेरित कर सकता है ? Can ghosts persuade one to commit a suicide?

Yes, this is their first desire and motive, they do this very often. Ghost is an entity who passed thorough the death for various reasons. Very often they are resigned and have only little energy. As they are dead they wish the possessed person also join their world.

क्या प्रेत एक व्यक्ति के शरीर से निकल कर दुसरे शरीर में जा सकता है ?Is it possible that a ghost who has been removed off enters someone else’s body?

Yes, it is possible. After removed by force or leaving by choice they look for an other person to possess. Like we have a free will, same they also have.

क्या प्रेत अच्छे और भले भी होते है ?Are there good ghosts around?

There are both kinds of ghost, but mostly they are evil, and in principle dangerous for the living human beings, because they need to steal our energy in order to survive. Very often they also want to steal our body to find a vehicle to fulfill their own desires like sex, power etc.

क्या प्रेत से संवाद हो सकता है ? क्या वो हमको सुन सकते है ?Is is possible to talk to a paranormal body? Can they hear us?

It is very much possible to talk to ghosts, but it is very dangerous, Talking to ghosts is equal to summoning them, which is very dangerous even if the ghost is someone very close to you. When you call them you are invoking their desire to live in this world, they here what you say. In a way you are disturbing their peace. This is not a good practice and one should avoid it. There are many other adventure sports to try.

प्रेत बाधा ग्रस्त घर के क्या लक्षण होते है ?What are the symptoms of a possessed (haunted) house?

If the house is possessed or we say haunted, there are noises in your home, waking in the middle of the night, banging, knocking, objects moving or falling, being touched, being raped, the sensation of cold, the sensation of invisible attacks, being manipulated, humiliated and oppressed, if bruises of unknown provenance appear on your body, scratches, wounds, then it's very likely that you are not alone in the house.

In such houses the dreams become intense nightmares. Sleep is constantly disturbed. Constant headaches. Negative emotions-Fear, Hate are intensified. Person might talk aloud to the spirits. Person hears spirit voices that confuse thinking patterns and hinder concentration needed for school, work and normal life. Fear that the person can’t control or stop the spirit. Thoughts of suicide are frequent and uncontrolled.

स्त्री और पुरुष में कौन  ज्यादा ग्रसित  होता है ? Who is more prone, male or female?

Females are more prone to becoming a victim of the spirit world compared to men. They are more vulnerable during their monthly cycles, if during that time period she goes near the graveyard or a river or lake or under trees, uses perfumes, drinks alcohol or take drugs, keeps herself dirty, open hairs with perfumed oil she is inviting trouble as spirits are everywhere and can take charge of the female body anytime the circumstances are right.

On the other hand in men the possibility arise when they take alcohol in open area, urinate in open areas or under tree, involve with women who are possessed or are unhygienic. In both men and women when the aura weakens the possibility increases.

The person’s nail, body product like handkerchief, vest, shirt or pant, or a piece thereof or anything else like his or her fountain pen and cigarette case can be used, even the comb and towel can cause a big damage to the person if these items are misused. The tooth of a person is the easiest way of affecting black magic on him or her.

The dust of the Earth from the room or place where one is living or uses more often can be collected by a wet piece of cloth and it can be magically treated for or mistreated against

In certain cases even the underwear or undergarment can be used for magical purposes to achieve certain successes or causing certain damages in relationship between husband and wife, or lover and beloved, or employer and employee. In some cases, only that underwear is preferred, which was earlier used during the worldly enjoyment between man and woman.

One thing is certain that a person who deploys negative energy and harms others cannot escape punishment from the nature; this power is only meant for helping the people rather than harming them.

It shows the powers of God and Devil stay together.
जय गुरु महाराज की जय ,जय भैरवी माता की जय

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  1. जय गुरु महाराज की जय ,जय भैरवी माता की जय ..bahut hi interesting....

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  2. क्या आप ने भूत प्रेत देखे हैं??

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  3. You have fantabulously described your views on negative energy which is true though everybody has different opinion on this particular subject whether they accept it or not.....

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