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Yagya;- Genral Principal

According to the Vedic philosophy of Karma (action), whatever goodness or badness, positivist or negativity, happiness or unhappiness, success or failure, pleasure or pain, prosperity or adversity we come across in our life, it is the result of our own past actions or karma. A yagya is the most auspicious remedial action to counteract past negative karma or to create positive karma for the future.

A yagya is the chanting of specific Vedic Mantras and Homa by professionally trained and dedicated Vedic Pundits. A strong Vedic principle about yagyas is “the more done, the more benefits we will receive”.

. Daily pooja / Yagya which are done in various temples are not specific and can not serve purpose of individuals as all mantras chanted there are in general like prayers onl

“Devam Bhuttva Devam Yejat”

This is the ultimate feeling of a Person who performing yagya. Some ritual and basic principle have been established by our Rishis for performing any yagya which is performed by Nyas, Paranayan, etc already well decided by Maha Rishis and this performance ultimately attach the “Soul” of the performer with the “Super Soul” and that gives results and eliminates all the pathos for which it is done.

The person of which yagya is performed is also supposed to be involved in a yagya till it performed wherever he/she may be. He/she has to spend his time by abstaining from all the evils by spiritual meditation. That moment of spiritual Paramanand is felt the blessing of almighty.

Yagya is the process of the One (Devata) being invoked, and then the Sankalp being introduced, and brought out into relative world. It is the process of the one becoming manifest to a point value of life.

One has to understand that the Person does not “physical" connect to the person. That the Person connects to the Devata level of life and by the correctness of the mantras, together with the offerings, along with one pointed concentration, the results manifest.

No physical or emotional connection is there. The person sponsoring the yagya gets the benefits, because of the Oneness of the Devata is in the field of Unity of all life. That person has made the Sankalp and the offerings, so if the yagya is performed correctly, with one pointed concentration (transcendence) then the results will be there. The results unfold over time, persons look back and see the changes. They have to work with the yagya, however, and realize that the yagya will enhance whatever self efforts they are doing.

For a remedy purpose Yagya is most influential. There are three energy sources in this universe - Light, Sound & Magnet. Light is very good system but it has limitation; it can't reach beyond the wall or a non-transparent medium. Magnet is also very effective but it needs a metallic-medium to pass it's energy through. But the sound is everywhere reachable that's why it has been used most. As Mantra is based on sound system, it guarantees the best effect of Yagya.

Difference between puja and yagya :-

A Puja is a ritual where of course mantra is also recited and fire sacrifice is also done, but all are voluntarily. It means you are not bound by the regulations and the quantity of mantras. You can chant a mantra either 108 times or 125000 times, you are not bounded to do an amount. Moreover, Puja is mostly done for general development and to be prosperous in future and for spiritual development. It thas no certain target or expectation.

Yagya has certain target and certain procedure which must be completed exactly to get the result. The result of Yagya is mostly experienceable and definite. You do a Yagya for a particular purpose and the Pandits are bounded with the rules of Yagya. The Mantra quantity is very high and is a must.

Technically a Puja can be understood as a vaccination to prevent a future disease which may appear after 10-20 years. And a Yagya is like a surgery or operation that needs to be done immediately for survival or for achieving succeses. You can't expect a particular result after doing a Puja while with Yagya you can expect it. A Puja is normally 2-3% part of a Yagya.

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