2 अप्रैल 2010

Psycological secret of rituals-2

It is necessary to remember that the mind at any rate in its normal state is NEVER FOR ONE MOVEMENT UNOCCUPIED.

At every moment of time, worldly objects are seeking to influence it.

Only those actually do so, to which the mind , in its faculty as manas gives attention.

In one of the tantrik texts the manas is aptly spoken of as a doorkeeper who lets some enter and keeps other outside, for this reson it is called SANKALPAVIKALPATAMKA ; that is it selects (samkalpa) some things which the senses to it and rejects (vikalpa) others.

If the manas attends to the sensation demanding entrance it is admitted and passed on to the buddhi and not otherwise.

So the Brihadaranyaka Upnished says " My manas was elsewhere and therefore i did not hear."

This is the secret of endurence of pain which not only the matyrs and the witches knew but some other who have suffered lesser pain when the sensation is passed on to the buddhi as also when the letter acts upon the material of remembered percepts, there is formed in the buddhi a virriti.

The letter is the modification of the mind into the form of perceived object. Unless a man is a siddhayogi is is not possible to avoid the formation if mental virriti.

The object, therefore, of sadhana is firstly to take attention away from undesirable object in their stead. For the mind must fed on something.The object is ISTHDEVATA .

When the sadhaka fully sincerly and deeply contemplets and worship his isthadevata his mind is formed into a virriti in the form of the Devata.

As the letter is all purity , the mind which contemplation it , iS during , and  the depth of such contempletion pure.

By prolonged and repeated worship the mind become naturally pure and itself tends to reject all impure action.
 What to other os a source of impurity is pure. Things are not impure. It is the impure mind which makes them so.

He learn to see that everything and act are to the menifestation of the DIVINE. He who realises consiousness in all objects no longer has desires therefore.

This apllies to all the rituals of sadhana and aimed to attain such pure states.

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