30 मार्च 2010

Hidden Machanism of nine planet


Astrology clearly  indicates that one can excercise his choices and if one can understand the role of all the nine planets then choices can be utilised to maximum.

Astrology says that man has to use his mindpower before an action.If an action has taken place or for example if cricket bol has been delivered than all the pattern of shot and runs which is destiny cannot be avoided.
Mind is the originator of all problems and real force which can librate the man from all the bad karma and future.The requiment is to understand the the hidden force of the mind and its machanism .There are plenty of methods for it like yoga ,meditition ,mantra ,tantra, etc..

In astrology ,certain rules have been laid down by the sages and these suggests that person do certain things to overcome the bondage of all his past and future karma.The mind is the source of all the creation and if the human beings mind is in accordence with the mind of nature ,then a man can be free from allkinds of result.

Once this phenomeneon is understood  correctly, then the consequences af all the action can be felt happily .Today morden managment guru are working the same with  diifferent stroke.
"असतो म़ा ज्योतिर्गमय "

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