22 अगस्त 2009

समर्पण ही भक्ति है

किस विधि रीजत हो प्रभु

का कही टेरू नाथ

लहर महर जबही करू
तबही होहु सनाथ ( प्रस्तुत भावः भरा निवेदन भक्त की सच्ची प्रार्थना है )


"Destiny is fixed " Gurudev "if you want something special from life then you have to put the extra effort. Go and see the people whom you consider the super achiever or blessed by the destiny. All of them, you find ,are putting the extra effort to their respective field."

"Swamiji it means in spirituality also one need to put extra effort. " I asked.

"Of course. Existence offer everything to you at a cost. Give and take principle applies everywhere. If you serve your guru require a definite effort and you are rewarded for that effort. If you recite mantra for 108 times require extra effort and if you seek more then the destiny then you have to do this. "

"Is all this positive result cannot be obtained by the blessing of guru." i said.

"Dear son blessing from the side of gurudev is for everyone and same. But the point is the receptivity of the disciple. To digest the blessing require extra quality which is again a extra effort.See you have the simple body as everybody else but if you want the body of an athlete"or a model then you have to do some extra effort."

'I have done all the extra effort to receive the blessing of my gurudev and the sidda. I have firstly fulfill the material requirement of my family then in remaining time i put extra effort to uplift my spiritual capabilities. "

"If you see any guru, coach, parents putting extra effort to the concerned one then that is to make him more then his present one. All this initially very painful but once the quality has develop then it will be rewarding. This is all training."