7 अगस्त 2009

Coramine dose for unfortunate one

On one evening sitting with gurudev at NRMC, our meditation centre my brotherdisciple(Gurubhai) anil asked “ Swamiji, these people are wearing the large set of stone as a bracelet suggested by Dr Satyajit sahu, is looking very funny to me. It is like carrying the burden because of fear. They are becoming the blind follower of Dr Satyajit sahu ,the astrologer. Initially when they wear one or two stone as a ring it was OK but the number of stone is regularly increasing. I doubt that they bent with the load of stone. It seems to me very foolish. I think Deepak, Amit and Gappu were gone mad for astro correction and stone”
Anil has peculiar habit to critise and irritates others. He enjoys seeing people get irritated.
Gurudev smiles but said nothing.
Deepak said “Only I can tell the benefit of these stone to me. I got benefit by wearing the stone each time. All the stone I wear gave me the strength and good luck. My life before stone and after stone is totally different. My life had spoiled if I do not follow the remedies. Manta Jap, Satsang’s positivity, and stone remedies carry a lot of effect. Anil does belief in medicinal pills because he took it and perceives the effect. My dear anil, wear it and then see the effect. Melody khao khud jaan jao”.
Gappu said “These stone mantra and satsang has changed my life. Not only me but many of my contacts are benefited by these remedies prescribed here. It is the fact for me.
I were all these stone with all the faith. My faith is my personal experience. I have this in my heart for life time. This NRMC center is the place where I have seen many people being benefited by these stones.”
Amit said “Prejudicial approach will not give benefit to any one. These are the things of faith. I got benefit so I have the faith. Deepak is right.”
“Swamiji, at the start only selected stone were prescribe to the person. Later to give him more benefit, the number of stone and mantra increase, but the multi stone bracelet were really the unique one. I have never seen this type of remedy any where. Although the effect is really marvelous.” I said.
Gurudev swamiji smiles and said “This multistone bracelet remedies is the secret one. No contemporary astrologer knows about it. This I have learned by a great astrologer Bramhprakash. My gurudev bhagwanshree Rajneesh told me to learn the astrology from him. Bremhapraskash teaches me many more things in astrology and it’s remedies. He told me that when you came across the very poor horoscope that all the routine remedies fail to give substantial benefit to the person then suggest him this Coramine dose remedy. Coramine is the lifesaving medicine given at last when no other resort is there.
Give him the ascendant stone at center and encircled it fate giving stone. The ascendant stone gives strength to all the fate stone. All the stone will collect the luck rays from different dimension and give it to the person. I suggest this to the person who has very poor luck and very bad horoscope. This is the last remedy. You have noticed that while prescribing this I told Deepak, Amit and Gappu that this is the last remedy”.
Gurudev continues “My children, all I want is your benefit. My mentors thought me all this. Now I realises that why they taught me all this. This is for the benefit of you people.
Astrology is the tool to support the person’s luck. All of you put effort to get the success. Effort is must. Once you do all the effort this remedy will enhance the luck. But if you do all the remedies and remain effortless the you will get no result. So effort plus the remedy works together to give you the benefit.”
I said “ Swamiji this is really very good therapy for the people of poor luck. It is boon for all the unfortunate person. I am really grateful to you and all your mentor that they have develops these wonderful remedies”.
Amit said “More over this increase the gravity of my personality.”
Deepak exclaimed ‘’ this will add to my style statement”