3 अगस्त 2009

asrtohelp-3 AMEET K SAHRMA

Once again sitting in satsang(Nirav Rajneesh Meditation Center with gurudev).My brother disciple swami anand shiva(Ameet k sharma) telling about the benefit of astrormedies perceived by him.He wears the semiprecious stone and locket and bracelet on the basis of his chart and did the numerological correction.
"Bhiya, when initially i met the astrologer the stone suggested to me were very costly and i am very much depressed for the lack of money.The cost of those stone were out of reach of a middle class person.Then i met you and saw that you prescribe the semiprecious stone which were as effective as the precious one."Amit said to me.
"Yes. I too have the same experience until Gurudev teaches me the secret of theses semiprecious stone. Whoa... what a useful thing gurudev thought me for the middle class people" I said.

"Dear son, my mentors were very compassionate and they taught me all these. You are right that you can give benefit of astro remedies to the common people only through this cheaper stone. No need to think about all precious stone. Ask amit how much he got with these less costly stone."Gurudev said.

"I got immense benefit swamiji. My will power increase and luck favours me. I got peace of mind by getting a good job.My health improves and married life become happier.My wife also has the similar benefit in all aspect. " Amit said.

"Whoa.... swmiji amit's life changes to much better position."I said.

"Swamiji, I had the benefit of your blessing and positive energy of this satsang. With the inspiration of satsang i continue the mantra jap even in the most depressed status of mind.You gave me the blessing of your occult power also. I am very fortunate. I was very arrogant and rigid. My behaviour was also very bad. I had selfish attitude. But by your magical touch and love made me a real man. My whole being has changed."Amit said.

"Oh yes...my dear golu(nick name of amit used by deepak) has turned to a diamond from a sharp futile stone.Our golu is not the one who come here for the first time.Previously he was just unbearable."Deepak said.

"This is why my guru always says GURU PRATAP SAAD KI SANGAT"said gurudev.

"Really swamiji... GURU PRATAP SAAD KI SANGAT (Blessing of master and company of positive people) " All the disciple said.