4 अगस्त 2009

Astrohelp-RITESH marwari marriage

Ritesh agrawal is a young businessman who is running the placement agency at Raipur C.G. He has very good links with the industries. He works for power, steel, sponge iron, cement sector. He has good lisesoning capacity with state government also. He is 29 year young handsome person. He started doing business when he was 11 year old. He was previously involved in many businesses which is related to his family.
He traveled all the area of Malazkhan and chhatisghar. Seven years back he had some conflict in family and had suffered from the tragedy of suicide of his girlfriend. After which he moved from Ahiwara-durg-bhilai circuit to raipur. He had no money. After having earned a lot of money he suffered from job crisis. Then he stared his placement consultancy for industries. He most successful player in his segment. He develops a lot of influential contact both in industry and in politics.
I met him with reference to my industrial medicine consultancy at GPIL siltara. His is typically sweet Libra personality. He is having good marwari skill to seek the opportunity. I am interested in his personality. He seems to me very useful contact as the placement consultant. I did my astrological prediction about him. He impressed with this. I suggested him the astrological remedies. He after initial hesitancy practice it and found very useful. Then he introduced me to his friends. They were also impressed with my prediction.
He invited me at his personal high profile party. I do not attend party as I am involved with my satang party.
Recently his family is searching for a suitable match for him. Things has not settled yet.
I met him at the office of GPIL.He gave me the detail of a girl asked me to do the matchmaking. He told me “Doctor saab I think a lot and recently give my words to this girl”
“But this is your girlfriend. She does not belong to your cast.” I said.
“This has the concern for me. But recently when I went to Nagpur I become emotional and with the discussion of my friend I decided to go for love marriage.” Ritesh said.
Observing his loving mood and enthusiastic approach I saw the result of matchmaking. The result is very poor plus this is intercast marriage which is a bad thing for marwari community. I tell him the result of matchmaking as a 50-50 match.
I have very close intimacy of Marwari community. Intercast marriage in marwari particularly in chhattisghar is considered asd a defamation. Girl belong to poor low cast society and his father is no more. This again will be the cause of mismatch. Moreover Ritesh lives in combined family and his grandfather is still alive. These old people are even more orthodox.

Next week Ritesh came to my clinic with his friend. I found this a very suitable time to discuss this matter.
Yaar Ritesh your family people will never be happy with your intercast marriage.” I said.
“You are right sir. But the girl is very good . She is very loving and emotional. I had my relationship with her since last five year. She is very much familiar to all my personality. We were in relation without any commitment. In last week it self my friends suggested me to go for the love marriage with this girl . Then in high of my emotion I propose her. She agreed immediately and convey it to her mother”. Ritesh said.
Ritesh friend Rohit intervene “I will go and disclose this to the father of Ritesh. I even made him agree for this. I myself did the intercast love marriage with a lower cast girl who is in relation with me for 8 years. When will I go to youther father”
“Don’t you want to know the result of matchmaking” I said.
“Oh yes, matchmaking is very important. I believe in astrology. I did my love marriage after seeking the green signal from astro matchmaking”. said Rohit.
“Only 16 points is there in match making with Mangalik Dosh mismatch. With this result I won’t suggest to go for the marriage. Ritesh bhai the mismatch in family and cast will create big problem in future. I don’t think that future of this marriage is bright”. I said.
“Oh there will be the big problem” Rohit said.
“I know my family. My father will never be happy with this. Oh……. What a big mistake I have commited. My friends are so immature. They have suggested me to do this. My first girlfriends lost her life for her heartbreak. Doctor saab see her horoscope whether she can commit suicide or not. OH……… I am in trouble”. Anxiously said Ritesh.
“Don’t worry Ritesh. One break off is there with her horoscope. She has got strength to come out of this episode” I said.
Oh…. Thanks sir. I will manage all this very soon. Sir you have saved me and my family ”. Ritesh said.

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