12 अगस्त 2009

faith makes you receptive....... have faith

"Swami ji ,I have no faith in the stone and all this vedic mantra jap.It does not appeal me.I am interested in the occult science which give instant miraculous result. Where do i found such master who can teach me all these." Said Hemant Ratre.

"If you have no faith in stone and mantra jap then this remedies won't help you."Gurudev said "I do not find my gurudev but they find me.Occult science master are very rare and they operate in secret way. I do not know any one right now. I will be happy if you can learn such science. You go and search for your self."

"I once asked that why faith is needed in all the mystic path. He told me that faith changes the quality of a person. It make him receptive to all the positive vibration of mantra,stone,sat sang,blessing of saints and guru.Faith has tremendous value to feel and receive the blessing"

"All the saints and sage have emphasise the effect of faith."

If Hemant is not getting the desired result of remedy then the reason is lack of faith" said Gurudev

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