2 अगस्त 2009

ASTROHELP CASE-2 ATUL addiction,job crisis

I ask" Swamiji how an astrologer can help the person in need. Does he control the destiny of a person to assign him the particular benefit."

"You are an astrologer. You know that astrologer cannot control the destiny of any person.A person is under constant influence of universe.Our sage has studied the effect of planet on the human being and develop this great science.In the chart there is the depiction of influence of planet on a person. We asses the personality of person by the chart and predict about the person. If it come correct then the chart is correct.This is how you verify that the chart and detail of the person.It has now been recognise by the science also that the planet effect the person.Astrologer by judging the effect decide the remedy on the basis of chart detail. He Will only do the certain change of the rays of the planet in quality and strength. Rest is bone by the change of the planetary effect. You have seen this in atul case. Initially the object is to give him the job so the remedy is based on the significator of career.Later health and family matter require the correction in related significator. An astrologer cannot change the destiny but he can certainly remove the astrological hindrance."said Gurudev.

Atul is my school mate.When he failed is business and lost his job he started the astrological remedy in addition to the material effort. He wear the stone ring,bracelet, do the mantra jap. He get the job with some additional paying work. He left his various addiction which is the cause of the death of his two intimate friend's. His internal weakness improves. He got the son child.Atul himself accept that he was doing the effort same as previous but now he has been blessed by gurudev and got the positive energy by satsang and astrological benefit.Atul suggest people to get this help and many of his contact were benefited also.

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