24 जुलाई 2009

why drsatyajitsahu is blogging

When Ramkrishna paramhansa hear the vivakanand singing the song "man chalo nij niketane" has got the stanza that" oh heart please keep the virtue well within the heart and keep it secret". Once a learned man denies to share me his experience by quoting this. All the world is related with communication and if you are not relating your self to other then gradually all the virtuous thing will vanish and this earth remain barren . so change it i am doing this . and now it is here. Well now it starts on blog to share the thought of drsatyajitsahu. I ask myself that why i write this blog? my answer is that i have passion for SPIRITUALITY, ASTROLOGY,NUMEROLOGY ,OCCULT SCIENCE,MEDICINE, GENERAL PRACTICE OF MEDICINE ,GURUSHIYSHA PRAMPARA,MEDITION. I have been doing all this since last 10 years. Plenty of thougths and personal findings are there with this journey.I have been with my gurudev since 1999 and had seen learn a lot of things regarding all rounds of life.
Now i am on blog to share my wonderful life with my beloved gurudev and my experience

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