26 जुलाई 2009

SHIRDI SAI BABA : isthdev for family

My gurudev said"shirdi sai baba is the best one to be your isthdev. Hi has the great compassion to the desciple . His energy is continuously working for the benefit of his devote.He belongs to our lineage of great helping saint I got his blessing so many times."

"Gurudev when you have so much of occult power than why you seek baba for blessing" I asked.

"Dear son, i am just the shishya and servant of my guru bhagwan shree. all i have is his love. my being has merged with him through the love and his blessing.oh...........he his the god in human body.Bhagwan shree told me about sai baba.Baba has so much of energy that the energy field is still there at shirdi even after he left his body. Sai baba is the guru of our lineage "gurudev further explain"my guru told me that JAB BABA BULAYANGE TAB TUMHARA SHIRDI JANA HOGA. I have waited for 20 years then baba called me on Aug08. He tell me come along with all shishya. Therefore you people also went with me. All who have visited shirdi with me are very fortunate.Baba has saved me from immense crisis.My heart has filled with gratitude. I am living with the peace is his blessing.If you have Baba as your isthdev then you can pray and weep in front of him in your crisis.Baba is very kind to his devotees.Baba help in all matter of family. I have survived because of him. I suggest you to make baba as a isth dev for family and warship him.

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