31 जुलाई 2009


At our meditation cum satsang center Nirav Rajneesh Meditition Center BudhaPara Raipur (c.g.) i am studying ASTROLOGY since 1999. I have seen my gurudev's fine description of the person's horoscope. His prediction are absolutely accurate. His methods of remedies of astrological hindrances are different from what now-a-days astrology books and astrologer.

"I am very fortunate to come across some of original masters of astrology and very rare sidhha's. They teach me all these methods of astrological remedies. These master works for the mankind without seeking fame and publicity. These great souls are not interested in writing books or making money."Gurudev said to me.

"At the beginning i am amazed with your prediction and chart analysis but confused to see your remedies"I said.

Guredav replied"I know. You are studying a lot of astro books. Those book writer are unaware of all these masters and knowledge. My masters are conducting the research with these remedies since last 600 years and develop this remedies. Your mind is trained to accept the bookish thing this is why you are confused"

"Please tell me about your masters of astrology"I said.

"I met with one of my astro master at mumbai. I was shopping at there when i noticed a board of an astrologer at market. I went into the shop. One south Indian old gentleman was there.
He was highly accurate in all his prediction. When he suggest me the remedies of semiprecious stone,numerology correction, rudraksh, i laughed at him. He said that please don't laugh. My forfathers had done the research for four generation and i have devote all my life to this. You just try it and see the result. I had tried and found wonderful result. "

" Yes gurudev, here at our center many of our gurubhai who did this have got miraculous result.Deepak practice semiprecious stone +rudraksh+mantrajap since last 2 years. He got result in all sphere of life. Good job, mental peace ,domestic happiness etc. I must accept the power of all these remedies. I have seen this with deepak in front of me".

Deepak is my guru bhai. He is struggling with domestic and career related problem when he came to satsang. He develop strength of will and wisdom with regular satsang.He gradually rise in carrier to the place where he couldn't dream of .He had been saved from danger many times. Now family of deepak also realizes this change.

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