24 जुलाई 2009

astral body=electromagnetic body

"Swamiji i am feeling vibration on your feet"anand saurav astonishingly asked gurudev while massaging his feet."i have checked everything that any electric measures are not the source of this. come and feel it yourself" he invited all the disciple present.
"Oh. i am also feeling it. it is like mobile vibration"said young disciple pinku. later anand chaitanya (drsatyajitsahu)anand deep also feel the same vibration on the feet of gurudev.
"this is the overflowing energy of the body.i have this since my enlightenment on 1987.this has been there every time . recently your sensitivity has grown up to feel this.when this happen initially my gurudev tell me to restore this but later he said to let it go to your disciples for there benefit. the movement you touch the feet this energy goes to your body. disciple receive the blessing of energy by bowing down to master and by touching him master give this energy to him." i am overjoyed by witnessing this marvelous phenomenon. the group of disciple feels fortunate .further he explain that this is the electromagnetic vibration of astral body. since your sensitivity has enhanced by regular "sat sang and practice" you are capable of perceiving this. For this reason in Hindu tradition to pranam to guru,saint and elderly to receive the blessing of positive energy

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